I apologize that I haven’t written much lately. I have been so busy, I had to take a step back for a slight moment. This is normal for me here or there because as a healer there are times where I do have to take a step back to focus on myself too. I have to keep on the healing path of healing myself so that I am also able to help others in the process. Practice what you preach, correct? 

I sure do! Daily! It helps me to help you! 

This week with all the magnetic storms and the full moon energies, I know it caused some major sinus pressure for me that came as soon as the magnetic energy hit, along with exhaustion and heightened intuition. All to focus on my own healing. I hope each and everyone of you are doing the same. 

This has caused all of us to take a step back, and through these bursts of energies you are being called to reflect on the inner self to make peace with yourself. 

Forgiveness is important and this is a time during this ascension process where you are being pulled towards your past. The past energies are being brought to the surface within you, the mistakes you have made, the hurt you have caused yourself, all to be released to bring you to who you are now. Your true authentic loving self. 

Many of you are experiencing pains and emotions that are coming up that is not making sense to you. All comes from past life trauma you have experienced. A past life your Eternal Spirit Within remembers, but the physical body has been programmed to forget. 

In practicing the healing art of Kryst Clearing, I find that many have been stuck feeling the weights of this heavy trauma for many years, not knowing where it comes from or what happens in this timeline where you experienced the trauma. 

It is my job through short trauma clearings to bring this past life to the surface to clear any pains, emotional stress, or energies that are effecting you in this lifetime. Sometimes these energies can even effect your relationships, your career, and being able to find your life’s purpose, as it is a negative energy block from within holding you back. 

I have found that these ascension energies are bringing all of this to the surface for you at this time to be cleared, healed, and to become a brighter better you. All to awaken you to your Spirit Within so that you are able to move forward with clarity towards your future. 

I know that sometimes these changing energies can be harsh on your physical body as recently the sinus pressure has been very hard for me too. 

However, these harsh energies should be easing up at this time on into this weekend as we head towards the new moon. 

Jupiter and Saturn are still in retrograde, setting you up for luck and success, while also clearing out some negative karma your spirit could be holding onto. 

If you are having a hard time with these energies, please feel free to contact me to aid you during this process. I have set up several options available to you for the healing help you are needing. 

Yes, I also work with people to aid you in what you need so it is affordable for you. All you have to do is ask as I am here to help each and every one of you through this awakening ascension process through whatever means necessary to aid you in getting what you need to become your true authentic loving self. 

You are truly worth it! You deserve healing energy! You deserve the chance to breathe. You deserve love, and true happiness! 

It was never meant for any one to suffer so greatly here. 

As we move forward in Earth’s ascension it is meant for you to find true inner peace within. 

I know with the twin flame journey it is very hard to reach that inner peace you need in order to bring you two together in this life. Also why I aid in clearing negative energies to bring you to the Divine Blessing you are experiencing in the twin flame journey. 

Many of you have already brought me to tears in watching life change for the better for you, in being empathic and being able to share the life changing healing experience with you. I can’t thank you enough. It is a blessing for me to have the chance to work with each one of you and aid in bringing you to the positive life you desire.

Each and Every One of You is Worth It! You deserve all the healing this Earth and The Universe have to offer! 

Here lately I keep thinking of the Pagan Blessing! 

May you never go hungry! May you never go thirsty! May The Universe provide you with all the blessing in store for you and everything you need! 

Spirit Blessings! 

Cleopatra Love 

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