I wanted to write about readings and what happens during a reading to give you an idea of what to expect. I keep it simple in calling it a reading as so many subjects can be talked about in one hour.

I started this site in order to help people spiritually as I have worked for other online psychic companies throughout the years. I have found that readings are limited through these companies costing anywhere from $99 cents a minute to $9.99 a minute, and in being charged by the minute it is hard to cover everything necessary for your healing in a matter of minutes. Plus, these costs add up quick!!! Calls get cut off as you are in mid conversation, which just does not work for me.

Psychics are also limited by contract as to what can and can not be said during the reading. I was left with empty feelings as important information was left unsaid, or felt there was unfinished business. This can cause sadness and depression for my good hearted self as I felt that no one was getting what was needed fully to actually help! I can only imagine how those people felt on their end just feeling so bad afterward on mine. When the whole point is to be brought back to happiness, positive energy, and healing!

Now that I have taken matters into my own hands with bit of critical thinking, I feel I can offer so much more in an hour while making it affordable for everyone. Having an hour gives us time to talk, to get to know each other, to connect as long time friends, to allow the healing energy to flow through me from The Universe to you to aid you in your healing journey.

I use my own clairvoyance from My Spirit Within, to help aid you with what you need to know that will bring you to positive energies, positive changes, and to help lead you in the right direction in your life. I also use some tools such as Oracle cards, Fairy Tarot, and Crystal Healing to help find the right answers that you are seeking for your situation or your spiritual path.

However, I do not have the crystal ball to read the future. Sometimes, I might know what can happen next, or what can happen if you keep walking down the same road. Other times, I see two paths as you have a decision to make on which path to take. It really just depends on you and your energy and what the Universe feels you NEED to know.

I am the true loving empath where I receive feelings of emotions (normally what you are feeling), and feel different energies. It has taken a long time to figure out how to put that energy into English and translate it to the English language. At least 20 years of practice now! It is a blessing and a gift to be able to feel so deeply.

Readings can cover a variety of different topics depending on what you would like to focus on, as I try to stay on track with you and what will help you in your life.

Topics include:
Dream Interpretation
Relationship advice
Twin Flame
Crossroads and Decision Making
Spiritual Advice or Questions
Crystal Meanings and Healing
Health and Well Being(but please seek a Doctors advice and help for serious issues or sickness)
Positive Affirmations for you
Help with Entities
Energetic Aura Scanning for Negative Energy Blocks
Chakra Healing
Distance Energy Healing and Prayer
Helping you find your Purpose
Career and/or Career Changes
Law of Attraction Advice
Meditation Advice and Practices
Spiritual Wisdom
Building Confidence
Dealing with Emotions
Short Aura Clearings for the Mind, Body, and Spirit
Self Love and Care
Angel Energies
Help for Fellow Starseeds
ET related questions
Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children
Help for Fellow Empaths
Life Path
And much much more…

Readings offer you healing help through friendly conversation on whatever questions you may be seeking answers too. After all, we all need a bit of help sometimes!

I want to bring the positive healing energy to your life to help change your perspective especially if you feel you are in a negative spot in life, and remind you of the self love that is necessary for the confidence you need to make your dreams come true!

You can book your reading today at awakeningcleopatra.com. Click on the Book Reading button and pay for your reading. All readings are booked 24 hours in advance to give me time to prepare for your reading. Please give a phone number to call or you can choose to add me on Facebook. I am under Awakening Cleopatra, and we can video chat through Facebook. It is whatever you are comfortable with or prefer! All up to you!

Also! Readings for the New Year!! I am able to do a 12 card spread and give you an idea of what lies ahead for you in 2019!!!

I look forward to hearing from you as readings help me to maintain a positive lifestyle for my own life. You help me, I help you! We all benefit with healing energy!

Many blessings Beautiful Souls!


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