Clearings are actually very different from readings! If you are looking for a true mind, body, spirit energetic cleansing on all levels. This is what you need!

I am blessed as the clearing was passed down to me from a past generation of healers. The clearing truly is magical as you are able to feel it working as soon as it is over and for several days that pass clearing out all the old “junk” energies, and bringing you back to your true spirit within.

What happens is fairly simple as it takes an hour of time and is spoke like a prayer given you time to relax and breathe while allowing your inner spirit to do all the work for you! Please make sure you have this hour for alone time as it is your healing time and yours only! This is a period where you get to sit back, listen, meditate, and relax.

The clearing can sound a bit alien to most as everything mentioned in the clearing is:

Removing Soul Contracts
Removing Negative Energetic Attachments
Releasing Trauma from Past Lives
Releasing Negative Emotions
Releasing Fear and Ego
Removing Entity Attachments
Removing Negative Energy Blocks
Claiming your Domain and Home
Grounding to Mother Earth
Clearing Your Energy Field
Reestablishing the Mind, Body, Heart Connection
Reconnecting You to Your Eternal Spirit Within
Protection from All Forces of Evil

and much much more…

If you feel called or pulled toward this clearing, trust your intuition as the clearing personally changed my life and brought me back from feeling negative, depressed, down, insane (during my awakening) to a point of peace after a couple weeks.

The clearing brought me back to my true self and helped bring me to confidence I needed to make positive lifestyle changes naturally. You feel healthy and grounded therefore you start making healthy changes to stay healthy and grounded. It’s one truly magical energetic experience to help you open you up too and improve your spiritual self.

I also want to let you know in receiving this clearing, please try to schedule with me when you have a day or two off from work beforehand. You might feel tired at first as your spirit is working for you. You will definitely be very hungry as your body will need the extra nutrients as your spirit is working. Depending on the person the clearing can last for a while and you will need the extra rest as your spirit heals your energetic field.

The clearing is best to do before bedtime, again rest is important afterward. Your body will need it!!

I highly recommend this clearing if awakening energy has hit you and it feels as if it is too much to handle. This clearing will help to ease some of the stress you are feeling as your body is already clearing naturally, but needing some extra help in remaining grounded. (I know awakening is quite traumatic and it makes it very hard to remain grounded.)

I look forward to helping you on your healing journey. Please book your reading or clearing today at

Many blessings beautiful souls!


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