Going into the Holidays, it is the time for friendships, relationships, gifts, and sometimes drama! It never fails this time of year with family gatherings and parties throughout the month.

A toxic relationship is one that brings you lower vibrations, hurt, sadness, pain. It can be parents, family, friends, or even a partner in your life that tries to bring you down in every way possible. Normally you have a lot of love for this person and want to keep this person close because of the love you feel. However, this person will come at you with smart remarks, demean you, trying to hurt you. It may seem like you are giving everything to this relationship while not receiving the love that you deserve in return. You will feel washed out, or drained of your energy in giving to these relationships. In my case, I know I have had some that literally put me to sleep after being around them. Unfortunately these people don’t realize the effect it has on you physically, mentally, energetically. Toxic relationships can be very rough on your body, mind, and your spirit. That love that you have for them may seem like its work rather than an actual feeling. A lot of times in toxic relationships you are looking for acceptance from this person in some way. And you put forth your best effort for that acceptance, only to fail each time you reach for it. Leaving you with a feeling of emptiness, hurt, depression. All things that are harmful to you and your spirit. Through the holidays we are pushed to be at parties showering each other with gifts. These gifts symbolize the love you have for a person, however I personally don’t agree with the gift giving and the amount of money spent being symbolic of the love you have to share. Many people end up breaking their pockets trying to make others happy with these gifts.

I am here to tell you that there is no material object that can force someone to love you. A person should love you unconditionally without the extra materials. If you aren’t receiving unconditional love and friendship from a person then more than likely its toxic.

If being around someone is upsetting you, or bringing you down, lowering your energetic vibrations, then I am here to tell you that you have the right to say no. You don’t have to try and force a relationship to work. That’s just more work for you.

Relationships are not supposed to be harmful to you. Relationships and friendships are supposed to be lifting you up and helping you out, and if it’s not helping you then it’s time to realize it is toxic and it is time to let go. You have the right to say No. You don’t have to spend time with someone bringing you down during the holidays just because the Holiday says you have to spend time with family and friends. It is your choice in life as to what you allow to happen to you. If you know it is going to hurt you, then there is no reason to keep putting yourself through more hurt, that you only have to work through all the negative emotions time and again.

It’s time to let go. Be honest with yourself in knowing something is not good for you. And be honest to the person you feel is toxic for you.

Create healthy boundaries. Learn to say no. Even if it means telling a person that you are sorry, but you need to let them go. That’s all you have to say.

You don’t have to justify letting someone go for hurting you time and again. You only have to make the positive choice for yourself to do what is healthy for you. Sometimes saying No is all it takes!

Many blessings!


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