We now have several planets in retrograde at this time. I do believe the same thing happened around the same time last year, causing a world of chaos at first, but all is for a purpose.

As Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Mercury have all headed on their backspin, we are now in a period of instant manifestation. This means, you have the magical ability to make positive things happen in your life by the power of your thoughts.

I know, as Mercury headed into Retrograde last week it was causing tons of anxiety throughout the shift. I wanted to write about it then, but my intuition kept telling me to wait as a very high energy healing period was coming !

It’s true! Right now you have the ability to use your own healing energy to make positive changes happen in your life.

If you need money, you can manifest it by simply telling The Universe it WILL happen for you.

Need a new job? Tell yourself you WILL find it and start looking as it is possible RIGHT NOW!

Wanting to start dreaming? Tell yourself you WILL remember your dreams!

Looking for the right relationship? Then keep telling yourself that the RIGHT relationship IS coming now!

Need a car? Know the Universe is bringing it to you (but know you also have to save money).

Right now, it is possible to make your dreams come true simply by taking time for you to bring yourself to love, and healing vibrations and thinking about what it is that you want and need. Then watch how quickly it happens for you. It does take some footwork and responsibility on your part, but The Universe is here to help you in this manifestation period.

Now, I’m not saying that you can manifest a million dollars over night as that is not how it works, but you can open doors of opportunity to build your own business, or better ways to attract what it is that you need in your life to reach your million dollar goal.

Now is the time to focus on your dreams, and all the things you want to accomplish as The Universe WILL make it happen for you. Especially if you have spent your time building up good energies and good karma by being true to yourself and by staying your authentic loving you.

Love yourself fully, inside and out during this time as it’s that love that will help you manifest your destiny.

I also know that it is very hard for some during this period as these retrogrades are bringing up unhealed traumas, or unresolved emotions. Now it is your time to face what you are feeling and simply let it go. All is in the past, and cannot be changed, but you can start today in letting go and changing your mindset for the better.

Many of you focus on the flaws within yourself causing you to beat yourself up over these flaws. You are not flawed!!!
You are a perfect divine creation as a human being on Earth! Your body is designed to heal itself fully with energy, the right foods, and with loving self care.

Remember, during these next couple weeks, as you think it, so it shall be!!

Change your mindset to co create the positive lifestyle you desire, and the healing you desire in your life.

Use affirmations that say “I CAN” and “I WILL” to create the positive changes you are seeking.

You are here to change the world simply by healing yourself. All positive spiritual work accomplished in the next few weeks, WILL pay off as you are evolving with the changing Earth Energies!

You are ascending to a higher consciousness, a higher intelligence, and evolving to a fully healed you!

Have patience with yourself as you change your life and yourself for the better!

Keep your thoughts focused on healing and your destiny.

Manifest everything you need during this time period. It WILL be happening for you in perfect divine timing throughout the rest of this year.

The Universe is here to provide for you, but you do have to take the time to ask for what you need!

Make it happen!

Spirit Blessings and Much Love!

Cleopatra Love

Prayers for California and all those experiencing these Quakes as Earth is shifting and moving. Prayers for all those having to endure severe situations. May all people receive blessings and strength at this time!

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