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Clearings are to remove those negative energy blocks from your aura that are holding you back from healing. They bring peace of mind! Best to schedule during a day off as you will be hungry and a little more tired than usual. Best during a day of rest. As your spirit will be working to clear out all the negative energy. Rest will be Necessary!

All payments accepted before time of service.

Thank you! Look forward to helping you on your journey!

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Kryst Clearing has been an underground modality of energetic clearing for many years now! It was passed down to me by a fellow mentor and friend of mine whom decided to pursue a different career path.

I am blessed and grateful to receive such a powerful gift!

Kryst Clearing is very different type of energetic distance healing as it involves connecting to the eternal spirit within each person to ask for a variety of specific energetic issues to be cleared from the body and energy the energy field.

Issues such as:
Awakenings your Eternal Spirit Within
Cancels soul contracts and agreements
Protects your home and property
Grounds you and your property to The Earth
Closes harmful portals to the other side effecting your energy field.
Sends back dark magical energies to it’s original domain
Aids you in letting go of fears and worries
Aids in strengthening your intuition
Banishes and removes negative energetic blocks
Heals past life trauma and the emotional attachments effecting you in your life Now
Clears and Removes all interfering energies
Clears and Removes entity attachments
Dissolves energetic implants causing blocks in your energy field
Activates Free Will to open you up to your Co-creator abilities
Heals the ego and soul
Aids you in seeing what needs to be healed and cleared within yourself
Heals trauma and emotional trauma
And so much more….

Kryst Clearing is one very powerful energetic clearing modality that WORKS!
However, the clearing is a process that takes some time, patience, and self care throughout the process!

The full clearing is so specific, it lasts from 2 weeks to a month in order for all energetic actions to clear and take effect. Which means, once the clearing is started, it could take a full month for your body and mind to process the clearing as your eternal spirit within is working hard to accomplish all healing goals during this time.

It is best to choose a time where you have a couple days off from work where you can rest, as once you begin the clearing process, so much is happening at once that you will feel fatigued.

Consider it an energetic detox as anytime you decide to fast or detox you will feel fatigued as your body is removing toxins. The same thing happens energetically through an energetic detox that causes fatigue in the first few days. Be prepared to rest and sleep the first couple days, which is why it is important to choose the best time for you where you are able to REST and SLEEP!

Each person is different and experiences energy differently some feel energized after Kryst Clearing, others feel tired at first then energized later. It all depends on how much needs to be cleared.

Self Care is required during your Kryst Clearing process, so be prepared to eat healthy clean foods (you will start craving them), rest, sleep, and take care of you during this process!

After purchasing your clearing and going through the process, I am here for you if you have any questions about what you are feeling and experiencing. To aid you and guide you through the process.

Know that Kryst Clearing is powerful and can truly bring you back to your true spirit within, helping you to achieve energetic clarity and a positive mindset while lighting the way to a fully healed you!

All payments accepted before time of service.

Thank you! Look forward to helping you on your journey!


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