Finally Mercury Retrograde is over!! However, as of the 10th we moved into Jupiter Retrograde, which means Jupiter is on it’s back spin now and not as bad as you think. 

We are finally moving into healing energies again as Jupiter is the planet of luck and success! It happens to be my planet (as a Pisces) which is why you see it pictured for my Awakening Cleopatra logo! 

Just because Jupiter is on a back spin doesn’t mean we will all have bad luck. In fact, I think we all experienced most of that bad luck during the heavy Mercury Retrograde, and should be the last of it for now. 

I have actually felt awesome energy this week, and felt the shift as of Monday! This is a period where we will experience waves of ascension energy. One wave has already hit us this week to open your heart energies to love. 

Focusing on establishing the mind heart connection is important during the next few months and can be easily accomplished during this time. You probably already feel the shift and are ready to take on life again in knowing this is a power time for you. It is perfect divine timing for you to push forward aiming at accomplishing goals and dreams. 

Many of you have felt a bit tired this week due to this major energetic shift. Sleep is important as dreams will bring you major insight during this retrograde period. Write them down if you can, so you can always refer back to the intuition you receive. Your insight for your life will help you to make the right choices in moving forward. 

Jupiter Retrograde is a period of healing, health, and success, so it is now time to put your energy towards your career focus and health as whatever you put energy into at this time will set you up for success on into next year. 

Remember to think positively as luck is on your side at this time, and as you think it, so it shall be!! Meaning your thoughts are powerful during this Manifestation Retrograde Period. Be mindful of the thoughts you are putting into the Universe. No matter how much of a struggle you have, KNOW you can and will accomplish what is needed for your success. Instant manifestation is possible. 

If you are having worries, fears, negative thoughts during this time, it is good to assess why you are feeling this way. Then to remember that you are co-creating your reality by filling your reality with negative energies of your fears and worries. 

Fear and worry is natural, it is a part of life’s struggle, but don’t allow these negative feelings to over take you and your everyday life. Try to find something positive to do to help change your thought pattern. If you can change your thought pattern, you can change your whole world. 

Jupiter in Retrograde can change your whole world for the better if you allow it too by reflecting on all the blessings you already have, while being mindful of how you think and reflect about yourself! 

Love yourself! Respect yourself! Be kind to yourself! Let go of the fear and worry! Know that Universal Assistance is available to you for your healing at this time. 

Be open to receive waves of ascension energy at this time as we enter into the Full Moon energies. Don’t worry, the last full moons have been harsh bringing up negative emotions. With Jupiter on your side, this moon should bring about positive emotions and healing energies. 

Use this time wisely for your spiritual self to aid in manifesting your destiny. 

We have also hit another wave of awakening, many of you will begin to wake up from your peaceful slumber feeling Kundalini Energy rising up in you. This energy is strong, but used wisely can bring you to a fully healed you. Keep imagining what it will feel like to be fully healed with no pain, no suffering! What will you be doing in the future. 

Relationships that have had a hard time during retrograde (especially twin flames) will be brought back together during this healing reflection period. Know that there is still more work to be done as healing is a never ending process and life long learning experience. All for a lesson to bring you to your authentic loving self! 

Use this full moon as a reflection time to focus on all that you have already accomplished and for what you hope to accomplish in your future. 

These next few months will be a transition period for all of us to bring us all to the success we rightfully deserve. 

All the good you have done will be brought back to you during this time as karma is returned to you ten fold. Continue to be kind to yourself and others to also bring you to success. 

I have recently rearranged my site, and added more affordable prices for readings and clearings! I hope to be able to reach and help each and every one of you to bring you to the authentic loving you! Please check it out, as I have posted up different options to aid you in finding what works for you! 

All will help me to accomplish my dreams of creating self sustainable communities in the future. 

I hope to also be adding in other lightworkers very soon! Anyone that would like to join Awakening to Truth and Light, please feel free to PM me and let me know, as this is a place for you to share your gifts and sell your art to bring us all to a successful brighter future. 

Many blessings loved ones!! Enjoy the peaceful energies this weekend and on into next week! 

Until then…

I send you love and light! 

Cleopatra Love

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