For today, in pulling out my Energy Card Deck, I pulled the card of a Man Holding a Heart!

We are experiencing one of the strongest manifestation periods as I write this article. This wave of energy will be happening through the Mercury Retrograde from November 16th to December 6th.

We have been experiencing the Rise of the Feminine and women awaken to their true loving nature with inner power and strength far beyond anything experienced. Rise of the Goddess as women have been rising into power to work towards a brighter future for all of humanity.

As women it is time to realize that the men are going to experience these same awakening energies. Some men already have, however in drawing this card as the energy of the day, I know, this means that it’s time for the men to awaken to the true loving part of themselves, they never knew existed. It’s been hidden deep down inside as this world has trained men to believe they have to be strong providers and warriors where emotions are not allowed. Which means, the Divine Masculine has been taught to hide all feelings, all emotions creating an inner battle between the physical world and their Spirit Within. Lots of spiritual men refer to this as the Ego battle.

I am speaking to the Divine Masculine when I say,  you have been in this inner battle for many years now. The Earth Energies are Evolving and causing a spark within you in order for you to heal the ego battle you have been experiencing. You are not alone!

Instead of looking at it as a constant inner battle, it’s time to change your perception to know that you no longer have to battle. It doesn’t matter what the physical world deems acceptable or normal. It’s ok to be different, when really different is just being yourself. The true self, as all is clearing and healing for you to allow that sensitive emotional being deep down within to shine through this physical world.

The battle is over! As the Divine Masculine you are awaking to the true feelings of Love, Happiness, and headed towards your destiny. It’s ok to experience negative emotions as long as you take the time and space in order to let it all go. In this time period, it’s time to let it all go as you are manifesting your reality. Your Dreams.

Don’t be afraid of this spark within you. Allow it to permeate every fiber of your being as you are clearing out all traumas, all karma, all soul contracts, all negative energies. However, have patience as this is a process that can take months, or years. This process is all in how you care for yourself, as you experience what is called the Dark Night of the Soul. It is a clearing to help you to a better loving you. To bring you to the true Divine Masculine Being that you are! There is no need to fight it. Just breathe! Love! And Let Go!

I am speaking to the Divine Feminine when I say, it is time for us to do what we do best, Nurture!! We need to Nurture and care for the Divine Masculine Beings as they are experiencing emotions and energies stronger than ever before. The Divine Masculine is becoming more sensitive mentally, physically, and emotionally.

It is time for the Divine Feminine to be there for the Divine Masculine even if it’s just an ear to listen without judgement. This is a rough time for all Men on this Earth at the moment, as all negative energies are being released, dissolved, cleared…

If you are in a relationship then it is important to nurture this relationship. Talk to each other with open and honest communication.

It’s the time to let go of anything toxic to you. If a relationship is toxic it will drain you physically and mentally. Fighting happens all the time (not just arguments, as some arguments are healthy)! Experiencing constant depression, anger, rather than as healthy emotions. You might be waking up to needing the space and time for Self Care.

If you are single, or in one of these toxic relationships, Self Care and trusting your intuition is important now. As we all have the twin flame in our path and it is very important to fully love every fiber of your own mind, body, and spirit before entering another toxic relationship.

Healing is happening now as the Earth is Healing and Evolving. Take care of each other! Everyone is at a different point in their spiritual path called life!

And as Mercury Retrograde hits, clearing and helping each other is more important than ever! Tis the Season of giving and receiving. Mercury retrograde is a healing period, where rest is important.

Don’t sign any contracts or heavy agreements. Just sit back and be patient as your thoughts are Co-creating your destiny during this time period! Focus on building from the foundation up to the highest goals you want to accomplish!

We are all Divine Loving Beings! Each with a purpose and mission! This time period will help you find your purpose and mission if you choose to utilize the time as so…

However, we all become stuck at some point, which is where I come in to light the way through Empathic Readings.

Many Blessings on your Journey!


***Picture of the Man Holding a Heart, Energy Card Deck by Sue Anne Taylor

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