First, I wanted to write about the ego, this week, as I have seen the Information out talking about ego death, which is false information. The ego can not die. The ego is a big big part of you and your survival. 

You have intuition! Everyone does! It is normally the first thought you receive from your eternal spirit within, or can be a feeling from your gut, visions from your third eye, etc….

The ego happens to chime in right after you receive those first thoughts causing you to think about that first thought. The ego can create the negative side of your intuition in a heartbeat. Where your intuition tells you that you can, the ego chimes in to tell you to take a step back, or to rethink. 

Many times, the ego is your fear coming to the surface. The shadow side of you letting you know the negative side of your situation. 

For some reason, information out there tells you that the ego needs to fully die off through awakening, and when it does, you will no longer have it there feeding you negative thoughts. 

What you don’t realize is the ego is there put into place as a divine spiritual gift to aid you in survival. The ego is to be healed and embraced, not completely thrown out like it is a terrible thing to have in life. To be healed means having a clear head, all the time! The ego will still be there in a positive manner for your meditation, thinking things through. 

You are battling yourself when you are trying to completely throw out the ego. It causes you to fight with yourself, and to contradict yourself in going back and forth on a situation. It becomes the battle of light and dark within, because you are creating it by trying to kill the ego from within. 

Instead of trying to kill it, you want to embrace it and train it to aid you in thinking your situations through. I know, I have had bad gut feelings, and the intuition chimes in to tell me I don’t need to be there, but then the ego comes in to let me know to run! I ran alright, and in those situations it sure saved my life. I also have spent lots of time in meditation embracing every sacred part of my inner being, so that it all functions together equally mentally and energetically. 

Intuition and ego are meant to work together for a purpose, to help you. There might be times you feel strongly, your intuition telling you to jump on a new career position or relationship, but the ego comes in afterward to aid you in different situational perspectives of “what could happen if….” causing you to think it through. Taking time, patience, and meditation before you rush into anything. As long as you aren’t battling yourself trying to kill the ego then this is healthy for your well being and mental state. All is coexisting to aid you towards the right path in your journey of life. 

There are times the ego can be bad for your mental health when your ego holds onto abuses, current hurts, past hurts, and trauma, which can also cause egotistical fearful reactions in your communications and your choices. It is a sign your ego needs healing energy, to release and let go of these negative emotions and traumas. 

Healing with light involves sending healing energy to yourself, all parts of yourself, the ego, soul, spirit, mind, emotional body, and your physical body. Embrace and focus on your healing on all levels! Every part of you is sacred, your temple, and special to you. 

You can also heal your ego by asking your eternal spirit within to heal your fear and ego, telling your fear and ego to take a back seat and to let your spirit drive you! 

Deep breath!! It is done!! 

My next truth bomb involves twin flames, as I have seen how confused and obsessed people have become. 

I have watched many go through abusive relationships hoping it is the twin flame. I have also watched many sit alone at home suffering, overworking themselves spiritually by constantly clearing, then feeling like its not working because the twin flame isn’t coming around immediately afterward. It’s not opening the lines of communication immediately. 

It’s not working because you are overly focused on something that is out of reach at this time. Come back to reality!! 

It was not meant for anyone to suffer!! So, I want to offer you the truth! 

Again!!! It wasn’t meant for you to suffer!

Does the twin flame exist? Yes! You do have a mirror image of someone just like you out there somewhere! 

However, many of us that have awakened are starting to see how the twin flame journey is being utilized as a distraction and for negative purposes to cause suffering. 

The truth! You create your own suffering in being overly focused on the twin flame. Yes!! You!!! 

The twin flame journey is exactly that, a journey. One that requires making a choice to be spiritual. One that requires meeting soulmates along the way, falling in love, and taking the risk of being hurt. It is that hurt and experience that sets off the healing process through lessons learned. It is the relationship process whether soulmate or karmic, that is here to teach you the lessons you NEED in order to become a loving spiritual you. It requires walking a spiritual journey of loving yourself and others to get there. 

You have to experience these lessons first before waking up to the twin flame, as soulmates and karmic has to happen for your healing and clearing process. You are supposed to enjoy life, and enjoy the process. 

The twin flame has become a distraction for many already in relationships, causing you to look outside yourself for the love you are seeking. This distraction is there to show you that you are not happy in your current relationship and/or life. It’s time to make a positive change for yourself, or start working towards a different method to aid the relationship you are currently in. The choice to live in the present moment is yours, as you have to find inner peace in the present to have peace in your future. 

Some of you are single and feeling the twin flame is your sign to start putting yourself out into the world, meeting people again. You are needing fun when you are overly focused on the twin flame. This is your sign to jump out there, but be patient for your next strong connection. All strong connections matter in walking your spiritual path in life. These are all lessons. Necessary, spiritual lessons for your healing! Don’t be afraid to take the risk! Fall in love with your strong connections. Love is healing! Embrace the risk of being hurt which will also provide you guidance towards your healing. Strong connections are a blessing! 

Some of you are happy in your loving relationships when the twin flame energy happens. Do you know that kundalini energy can heal you and the person you are with currently? You are with this person RIGHT NOW, in this moment for a reason. It is meant for you to enjoy time together, to be together, to love it while it lasts. Embrace your current relationship. All is for a healing purpose in your life, and in your partners life! 

The twin flame becomes a huge distraction for many of you creating false fantasies in your mind. I know that many experiences are real as far as telepathy, energy, dreams, etc. But you can create that same connection with all soulmates. 

See, as a gifted empathic being, I know in my life I have felt strong connections to a few men that were big parts of my life. I even have that connection with a man that we have only been friends for many years and recognize the connection, helping each other along the way! That is what soulmate friends are for, not all are meant for dating, but strong friendships. Even then, the telepathy happens from being gifted spiritually strong humans. 

I have the same connection with my current partner that I also feel is my twin flame. 

Recently we sat and had a conversation about this very issue of twin flames in awakening to more truth. We have this same connection. We finish each others thoughts all the time! When we met it felt like home, and we follow the changing pattern of energies because it is the ever changing Earth and Planetary movement. 

Many relationships actually follow the same changing energies. The back and forth, in and out of your life, separation and union process! This is normal for ALL relationships. 

I don’t care how spiritual anyone says they are, ALL relationships have issues in getting to know each other and learning to trust each other. All relationships take time, patience, fights, arguments, separations, coming together, good times, fun, communication, trust, HARD WORK! 

The twin flame is a distraction in keeping your head so far in the clouds that you start chasing the dream, not realizing what you have right in front of you. When the love you have right in front you is just as strong and matters just as much as the twin flame. 

I want to bring you back to reality and Earth! Truth Bomb!! Live your life!!! Love as much as you can when you have those soulmate chances! Even those are lessons to the twin flame. 

I honestly feel that I am going to stop using the word twin flame moving into the truth. The RIGHT ONE! 

The RIGHT ONE will always come back to you, love you unconditionally, fight and forgive, help and support you, have open honest communication, will want to be there for you, will want to spend time with you, will know when you are going through something, and unconditional love always gives space and forgives! 

The RIGHT ONE wants to be there with you and for you so you can work together to help each other to succeed. 

The RIGHT ONE exists!! One day it will find you! But you have to be patient and put in the time and effort to find out for sure if it’s the RIGHT ONE! All a divine lesson in your life! 

Nothing happens over night! That is why many of you keep clearing and cleansing feeling like its not working because it is not opening the lines of communication between you and the person you want it to be. The RIGHT ONE will come around when you least expect it, and it’s never who you wanted it to be. It’s the one you have a strong energetic connection with, that wants to be there for you while you accomplish goals and dreams together! 

For now, keep putting in the spiritual healing work. Focus on healing loving energy by finding ways to enjoy life each day. Focus on you and what you need in the moment. Live for the moment, not the future. The present moment can and will bring you peace. 

Expect nothing while accepting and embracing everything right in front of you, within your reach RIGHT NOW! 

Get out of your head and embrace the present waking moment with full loving intentions to create your positive reality. 

Spirit Blessings…

Cleopatra Love

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