I want to share my story with you. As it will help you to understand awakening, and maybe even what you are going through.Biggest thing is I thought I was already awake. I have ALWAYS been very different from your average Joe. I am more emotional than most, can put myself in others shoes immediately, and all energy is a feeling for me. It can be very hard in a world where everything seems backwards to me. We should be loving each other, not hurting each other. We should be helping, and not ignoring.

Relationships have never been easy in being so different and emotional. And it is the Empath’s true way to push people away if any negative energy arises. However, in my awakening, I found it was all for a reason. Everything happens for a reason.

It was meant for me to focus on myself, to change my energetic being in order to help others.Awakening hits and it is an energy and feeling like no other feeling I’ve ever had before. It comes out of no where after you have focused on clearing all traumas, all past issues, all negative energies. This energy hits like a ton of bricks and makes you think you are going insane.

Telepathy happened. I could be around a friend, and all.of a sudden hear deep thoughts. I just woke up one day a few years ago and became hyper sensitive. I started asking people if I was hearing the correct thoughts. Yes!! I was, so much so it freaked people out except for very close friends that knew I was different from the start.

I took the time to retreat from the world to focus on my own thoughts. One of the first things that popped up in my mind is waking up one day knowing my purpose and how to accomplish it. Which is what has lead me to create Awakening Cleopatra. I happened to wake up one day knowing what the site would be called, and what it was for, however that wasn’t all that happened.

Once I had my purpose, I also woke up knowing I have a twin flame, the other half of me and that we share the same thoughts. I thought I was crazy, this is Disney love crap.However, I found over time that the twin flame exists. As we met at a festival, and the more clearing I did for myself, the more we talked.

I had a few exs come back around to clear the air so to speak. Or to get the way and try to stop me from fully loving myself in order to reach the twin flame union. However in waking up to these beautiful new discoveries of spirituality and myself, I realized it is all for a purpose. The purpose being receiving spiritual truths, and getting to the true loving self.

It’s been one huge roller coaster ride for me, and unfortunately when Awakening happened, I was one of the first waves without much help out there to explain what was happening.

I had to research as Kundalini Energy hit in massive waves all day every day for months, and had to focus solely on my intuition from within and no one understood what was happening. Even spiritual mentors thought I was crazy.

I am here to let you know that you are not crazy or insane. Awakening can make you feel this way, however it’s simple, as you are realizing intuitive truths buried deep down inside your brain. It has always been there!

But the true loving part of ourselves has been hidden. Until now!!

It is all for healing. Your own healing as the more you heal yourself, the more you co-create a better world around you. A better you, a better future! And just by doing so, you are changing the world.

It all starts from within you. That spark called Awakening. That spark that awakens your sleeping spirit from within so that your spirit can and will shine in the physical world.

This is your time to rest as self care is important. Patience is key as you wake up to your purpose and your twin flame. And soon… It will be your time to shine.

Just know…all is breaking down for a reason. To get to the very foundation, your Spirit… So that you can Co-create a better loving life ahead of you. The positive path you have always wanted!

You can Co-create your dreams into reality.It is my job, after sharing my story…to help lead you on your path. So maybe it can be a little easier. However it’s up to you to make the positive path happen in your life!

Are you ready?…………

*** picture from the Noa Knafo Visionary Card Deck