Just as I was about to sit and write an article on Monday about the wave of ascension energy happening, something told me to hold off and wait and see what happens this week. 

Sure enough we all were hit with a shadow of energy that was just enough to make you feel weird, odd, and off. Some people will feel a bit more fatigued than usual, others experiencing negative emotions wondering where these emotions are coming from. 

Don’t worry, it is almost over, and some times negative emotions are a sign for you to focus on your health. 

I had just recently read about gut health, and how gut health is directly related to mental health, intuition, joint pains, headaches, and much much more. 

All of the chemicals and heavy metals in the air and in our food kill the good bacteria in our gut and cause a world of issues including shutting off your intuition and your third eye. 

I chose this week to focus on gut health with the use of vitamins, herbs, and probiotics. Immediately I started burning, meaning it’s working. I felt much more fatigued than normal (but finding that is also due to the energy shift we are experiencing).

However, I know in focusing on gut health, it is going to aid my energy level and intuition in the long run. 

Be wary of what you put into your body as processed foods and chemicals can cause what feels like energy vamps happening. It can even cause depression, low energy levels, etc. 

I have been called to tell each and everyone of you to love yourselves fully inside and out, down to the very last drop of what you put into your body. All food is energy, and will effect you in different ways. 

Each one of you is unique in your own way as to what your body needs! Trust your intuition for yourself! Trust your healthy cravings!

Spend the next few days focusing on what you need to feel energized and whole. 

Even the slightest change in the food you eat can bring you joy, happiness, and positive energy to aid your well being! 

Your well being is important on all levels mentally, emotionally, energetically, and physically. 

Spring time is a fresh new start on this Earth as many of you are beginning new journeys, moving, starting new relationships, new careers, etc… 

Spring time is a time for clearing and detoxing everything from clearing clutter in your home, to clearing the yard, and even your physical body of negative energies! 

Health and well being is very important at this time. Spring is the perfect time to get involved in festivals, hobbies, exercise, and most importantly your health and well being on all levels. 

Take care of you as we push through this last bit of the shadow period. 

What does your body need? 

Love! Your body needs love so you can send the healing loving energy to others around you. 

Your mind and body will thank you heading into the summer! 

Spirit blessings… 

Cleopatra Love 

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