Blessings and Welcome Loved Ones. I am here to offer you readings for whatever help you may need with love from my heart to yours. Relationships, career, energy report, Crossroads, Spiritual Advice, or when you are feeling stuck and need more insight to your situation. I want to help change your perspective in life from feeling down and low, to higher vibrations and positive thinking. I am The Voice of The Universe speaking through me to you for your healing to help bring you to your divine purpose in life, and to help bring you awareness and clarity. I use tarot, crystal healing, angel cards, Oracle cards, etc…as a tool to provide you with the right answers for your life. I can’t wait to hear from you and help bring you back to the loving healing energy you need for your life path

I also offer Kryst Clearings for you or your fellow pets. A Kryst Clearing is a magical experience in connecting to your Eternal Spirit Within and asking your spirit to remove all negative energies, blockages, distortions, trauma from past lives and this life, karma, soul contracts, negative entities, etc… and helps to heal the fear and ego, all causing you ailments and “dis-ease” in this life. Everything starts on an energetic level in your energy body, and works it’s way inside the body. With Kryst Clearings, your Spirit gathers all the negative energy and pushes the energy out of your body and out of your energetic field to bring you back to energetic balance and to help you reach Christ Consciousness!
Kryst Clearing brings your connection back to your holy spirit within for your Spirit Drive you so that you can accomplish total full body healing.
I do record your clearing to send to you with a written copy for yourself to be able to refer back too it at anytime.

Many blessing beautiful souls! I am ready to help you with your healing journey!

Services offered by Cleopatra

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It is my purpose, to aid all of you hitting the Awakening Process to find your own spiritual truths from within as we are all connected energetically. My goal is to share intuitive information I receive from my spirit, so you know exactly where you stand in your life and your Spiritual Awakening and what you need to accomplish or what needs to change.
My goal is to share truths I have found along the way in my journey that can guide you on your journey to finding your purpose.
I want to empower you through my readings, clearings, writings, and through art so that you can take back your inner power by connecting too and healing your spirit within, which is beneficial for a healthy energetic system.
We are all at different points in our awakening, which can become confusing when searching for answers, and it’s my purpose to help you with the answers you are seeking with creative solutions and spiritual truths in my readings.
Or, I also offer clearings that aid your inner spirit within to heal all of your energetic bodies by removing negative energetic blockages that can be holding back your mind, body, and spirit or keeping you from moving forward in life. A healthy energetic system leads to a happy healthy life.
I come from a place of Love, only the purest of vibrations so that you may also raise your vibrations to the highest level possible.
It is important NOW that we all reach this level of love, strength, peace, and co-creation.
You are the the Co-Creator of your life, your Matrix, and you have the Power to accomplish anything. It is my goal to help you figure out what dreams you want to create and how to make it happen in your life utilizing your own divine spiritual gifts. It is up to you to listen to hone, practice, and master the divine gifts you have been given to help lead you in the right directions for a happy healthy lifestyle.
Awakening is not an easy path as it is the choice you made when you started seeing the synchronicities, 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc…each being a code to aid you along the way. My purpose here is to help you feel at ONE with the Universal Energies available to you, and guide you to utilize your assistance which is around you, protecting you as you enter into this divine state of being.
Love is the religion here. Spirituality and knowledge is the way. It is my mission to provide all of my inner knowings to you so that you can find your own way and become the Kings and Queens of your world. So that you may Co-Create your own reality with confidence.
I welcome you to my page for Awakening Healing Energy! I hope you enjoy my world of Love, Peace, and Serenity!

About Cleopatra

I knew I was different at a very young age in life, and I knew that I felt emotions differently from everyone else. I was more sensitive, and more emotional than everyone else around me. Only to find out years later, it’s called Empathy. That Empaths are rare and only a small percent of the population. Which explains why I have walked the heavy spiritual path I chose for myself.
I started my journey with meditation when I was 8 years old. I always felt something deep down inside of me, and knew there was an inner peace that existed in the spiritual world. So, I searched for it, as the spiritual world was all with in me. I would sit and slowly breathe, and had an inner knowing about meditation and what it was, but unfortunately not how it worked until I studied Martial Arts, which also started at 8 years old. It was the extra seminars of yoga and breathing techniques which helped me to continue the practice.
I chose Therapeutic Massage as the first step in my journey of awakening. This led me to many spiritual teachers along the way that taught me about Reiki, and energetic healing. One of which told me that I was already much stronger than I realized energetically, and just needed to tap into it. That was it, as I started reading and studying anything I could about health, nutrition, healing, crystal healing, tarot…etc. Basically anything I could get my hands on to learn involving the metaphysical world. All energetic work intrigued me.
I used to sit with friends to practice energetic healing just to see if I could manipulate and move energy around the body, and sure enough it came easily to me. The more I studied, the more intrigued I was, and have been practicing as an energetic healer for 14 years now and counting. I don’t plan to stop any time soon! It is a passion of mine in life to help others. It is also very healing for me when being able to help does make a positive difference in a person’s life. I chose this path for a reason as Therapeutic Massage was not something I enjoyed, however the intuition and metaphyisical world is something I eat, sleep, and breathe on a daily basis. It truly is my purpose to share the knowledge I have and my gifts to the world.
It is Awakening, however, that happened to me a couple years ago which has made me into the Empathic Practitioner I am today. Awakening is a truly enlightening experience, and healing experience. But it does take a lot of work to maintain a healthy energetic system. There are a lot of questions that come with awakening, and it can be downright complicated and confusing at times, sometimes even feel like too much or pure insanity.
After my experience, I am here to tell you. You are not crazy or insane. All is happening for a reason to help you reach the true loving spirit within you and allow that true loving spirit to shine on the outside. All of life’s journey is full of lessons to aid you in your journey to lead you to your purpose and to your twin flame while finding spiritual truths along the way. I have had my fair share of lessons along the way, I found my purpose, and my twin flame!
It was one heavy, crazy journey to be able to come so far spiritually. One that involved lots of trauma, one too many soulmates, a few karmic relationships, lots of meditation to find inner peace, several jobs trying to get to the one that fits my purpose, etc…as I am just like everyone else!
However, Awakening gave me an inner strength and confidence to be the Queen of my world by focusing on all the things I love, which is why I chose the name Awakening Cleopatra. It truly was the Awakening of a Queen, a loving confidence within me, I didn’t know existed until NOW, which is helping me to empower others with the many truths I found. Truths, I want to share. Truths, that can help you find what you are looking for in life much faster with the right information!
Truth and Light!
Love and Light!
Blessings Loved Ones!



Intuitive Empath