About Ambassador of Paradise

The purpose of this page is to share with others, my stories, insights, discoveries, hardships, successes and failures of life. I hope to become, as the name implies, an Ambassador of Paradise. Paradise being, the realization of our connection to Source/God and the power and understanding that come from within. I come from an Atheist viewpoint plagued by suicidal thoughts from a young age which ended as my awakening went into overdrive after 37 years of believing nothing exists beyond this life, this world. Since that time, I have risen and I have fallen, but I have learned a lot and I’ve had to toss even more of what I was taught. I’ve learned more in the last 3 years than all 37 before it and the journey doesn’t end until my time does.
So, I will document my progress, thoughts and other insights in hopes that it will help at least one other person to find the light within. I’m not looking to change anyone’s views, I’m just hoping to inspire others, to seek their own greatness and truth within themselves. To take control of their mind, instead of letting it control them. I hope my insight proves useful to others, in helping them to make the mental connections to understand the things I now see, know and believe.
Negativity will not be welcomed here, I ask that interactions be kept civil and light – always with a clear and open heart and mind. If negativity takes you, please examine the reasons, acknowledge the cause of it and if it is not currently doing you harm, let it go. If it is caused by something you “believe” and that belief came from the mouth, words or teachings of another human being, chances are that human didn’t teach you the right thing, learn your own “thing” to replace the negative influence. Use any discussions to find understanding, not to try to convince others of what you believe. We don’t know anything until we are taught and many of us have been taught a lot in our years on Earth. It isn’t until we unlearn some of the things that block our connection to Source that we find real undeniable truth that requires no convincing.
I will help others through coaching and meditation. I will gladly interact one on one and in any discussions that I may be able to add value to when time and other worldly obligations allow, but I will have to be selective for the time being.
Speaking of Source. This is the term I use for God, the energy that is, everything there is. Semantics matter not, it’s about perception and understanding, regardless of language and labels.
I hope my content proves uplifting, inspiring and enlightening – I will do my best.
Thank you for joining me on my journey.
We Are One, Love All, Always