I am all about bringing love and light and healing energy! Always!

I am also a very REAL person. As it is truth that fully heals!

Fellow Starseeds, Light Workers, Healers, Empaths, Earth Angels, Awakened, Spiritual humans, it is a time of darkness. Dark Energy is surrounding us this week as I started feeling it again yesterday! Rituals must be happening! Reflect it and send it back to it’s original domain 99 fold!

We are all battling and it is time to pull out your inner power and your inner warrior to fight!

Tell your ego to let you be, and tell Your Spirit to come forth to guide you and bring you back to loving healing energies.

Let go of all traumas, and all things out of your control by focusing within during meditation and finding peace in your sacred mind space. The peaceful place you created for yourself!

In this place you are able to co create. Manifest your dreams into reality. Practice your magic! Speak with yourself! Talk with your guides!

Ask for what you NEED to help your situation! Be specific!

Things to ask for

*positive energy
*amounts of money (be specific)
*healing energy
*removal of attachments to all beings and entities
*removal of negative energy blocks
*dissolving implants
*reflecting dark magic back to it’s original domain
*calming of negative emotions
*healing the ego
*loving energy
*preparing for a move
*guidance through changes

All can be healed from within! Co-Created from within!

Send your loving energies throughout the Earth and Universe!

Healing yourself will send these energies out through the Universe.

It is important this week to focus on your healing to counteract the dark energies!

Yes it is Valentines week! A week of love, celebrating love and relationships, but for many it is a week of depression, hurt, and trauma from previous relationships and life situations. All coming to the surface to be released.

Have empathy and compassion for all humans this week as we are all going through major shifts and changes. It is up to each and everyone of us to shift it for ourselves. Which is what causes the ripple of positivity to happen on Earth.

We Co-create the healing energy! It is up to each and everyone of us to heal from within and manifest our destiny.

You have the power to change anything for the better! Simply by making the choice to change your mindset!

Know you are a powerful human!

It is a blessing to be human at this time being open to receive all blessings from The Universe, but you do have to put in the spiritual work!

Hold the light within! You are protected! You are supported!

We will all get through this dark period together.

Remember Queens and Kings to love ALL your people! Even those that don’t understand you. They might wake up one day thanks to the healing work you put into yourself! As your energy radiates for miles and miles!

All of us together radiates positive energy through the galaxy!

Keep your head up! Put in the work! Keep remembering the end goal of what it will feel like when you are fully healed and reaching the dreams you have manifested!

I do offer readings and clearings for those who need help understanding this process! Those who feel stuck in life situations or have stagnant energy! Relationship or twin flame advice!
Those needing help with these dark energies and protection!

All readings help you to remember who you are!! Help you to know where you are at on your path! Empower you and help you to clear negative energy blocks holding you back, so you can make the right positive decisions in your life! Help bring you to your life purpose! Offer you healing advice! All to make your path a bit easier for you!

Through February, I am offering 25% off all readings! Using the Code: LOVE22

All Kryst Clearings are full price due to the amount of energy and time it takes to clear you. However, I do help to teach you how to do the clearings for yourself and send the clearings to you for you to continue your healing process One time fee.

From The Universe Speaking through me to you!

Blessings Loved Ones!! Let Your Spirit Shine!!

Cleopatra Love

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