I have to say 2018 has been one hectic year for so many people including myself!!

It has been a year of clearing for each and every person on Earth. A year of breaking everyone down to the foundation of the self, all for a purpose in learning, growing, and evolving.

Knowing yourself is the most important spiritual daily practice. Knowing how you behave, and how this behavior affects others. Knowing the traits you don’t like about yourself (which has come to the surface at this point in time) so you can make positive changes for yourself. Keeping the traits you do like about yourself. Love yourself fully. You are evolving!!

Forgiveness has been the key to survival in 2018! Forgiveness of your self, as instant karma has taken hold throughout this year. All to help guide you in evolving to the loving person you are while knowing what to do, and what not to do from here on out.

Forgiveness of others is important as toxic relationships have been removed from your life. I see this happening daily in groups, friends, and readings. Keep up the awesome work! You are making the positive changes necessary for your growth, no matter how hard it may be.

Some of you are only in the beginning of these forgiveness stages, and that is perfectly ok. Remember that all situations are only temporary while you are working towards peace in your life. All positive changes start with inner peace. It is all part of the awakening/healing process!

As with all healing, sometimes it has to be a bit worse before you are fully healed. Take the flu for example… You feel you are becoming sick and start your remedies, but know you will have to go through the process before you feel 100 percent better. Keep this process in mind with all situations that require removing toxicity from your life. Again, it is only temporary. Keep reminding yourself of the end goal, the gold star you are reaching for as we head into 2019.

2018 has set up a new foundation for each and every one of you as you have manifested what you really want in life (whether you realize you have been doing this or not). All your positive thoughts and wants have been processed through the universe and you will see doors start to open for you in 2019. Patience and hard work is going to be the key to surviving 2019 as these doors open.

We have all faced karma this past year positive and negative, keep all the negative in the past. Let it go! Release it! No matter what has happened in 2018, it is all over now. Time to bring your thoughts to the present moment of what is happening to you in your life right now!

Right now it is time to rejoice and celebrate making it through one hellacious energetic clearing from 2018! You are alive! You are blessed! You are healing! The Universe is working for you now as you take back your inner power in the present moment. Knowing what you can do right now to make positive changes happen in your life. Trust your intuition and trust in your path!

2019 is going to bring about major life changes for each and every one of us as it is now time to prepare to receive all the blessings we have sent out into the Universe!

Twin Flames who have awakened to the journey, look out! Those of you that have focused on self and healing, have found the true love for yourself in self care, and removed all toxicity from your life, be prepared. You will see synchronicities in your life as signs and numbers pop up for you. Your meeting is coming soon! You will feel the anxiety and excitement before you meet, but know that this will not be an easy journey. You are going to have to face all parts of yourself in 2019. It is all a part of the healing process to bring you two together.
You chose this path of knowing yourself first to reach this point in life. You chose the twin flame journey. Trust in the path as you CANNOT force it. All will happen in perfect divine timing!

Twin flames that are together at this time! You have walked through darkness! You have gone through times of togetherness and times of separation. You have faced all parts of yourself and it has not been easy! You have faced karma and past traumas together, even through the separations. You have faced negative emotions and your ego. You have faced what feels like dark magic in the workings in 2018! Its your love for yourself and for each other that is healing. Healing for you and for this Earth, no matter how rough the ride has been. All is for a purpose and you will find that situations and life runs much smoother in 2019 as you begin to work together.

Soulmates, you are together for a reason. Your love for each other seems strong and perfect and little do you know is also healing for you and everyone around you. You have also faced parts of yourself in your soulmate. You have helped each other through very rough times this year to the best of your abilities. All is for a divine purpose! Remember though, when soulmates become toxic, it is time to come to agreement with yourself and your partner to do what is best for your healing. All paths lead you to the twin flame when you follow it. All is for a divine purpose!

If you are single, coming into this new year, do not fret! Self care is important! Time to yourself is important, as your purpose is what matters first. It will come to you. You will find it. Don’t be afraid to be alone, as there is strength and power in having the time to focus within yourself. Let the right relationship come to you. You can not force it. Patience is key in 2019! Find and focus on your purpose! Focus on what is best for you to lead you to your purpose!

I also know some of you are experiencing deep depression in this moment. As I said before, 2018 has been one hellacious year of energetic clearing! You are stuck in the dark night of the soul as people call it. Feeling like you don’t belong in such an evil place as you become more aware to truths that might be hard to swallow. Truth is necessary for your evolution. Don’t let truth hold you down from being yourself in this world. You do belong here, and you are here for a reason, a purpose. It is your time to dream of your purpose. Manifest positive changes in your life with the power of your thoughts. Time to make your dreams your reality. This requires some spiritual work and footwork. You have to pick yourself up in order to make anything happen. Ground yourself by spending more time in the earth and less time in bed. Focus on the present moment. Release the past.

Again, 2019 is going to bring major life changes for all of you, and it is time to celebrate in the present moment all that you have accomplished and are grateful for right now!! Be open to receive all the blessings coming from all your hard work in 2019. This is going to be a year where all that seems impossible in your life, becomes possible!!

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Love, Light, and Spirit Blessings on into this New Year!

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