We are heading strong into Mercury Retrograde, meaning that this is a rest period for all of you, and a time of manifestation.

During this time it is good to sit quietly in meditation as much as possible and start thinking about what you hope to accomplish in the near future. You can co-create your dreams into your reality as Mercury Retrograde is a magical time period for self awareness, manifestation, and co-creating the changes needed in your life.

However, have patience during this manifestation period. Communication goes out the window during Mercury Retrograde making it much harder for all relationships (family, partner, work environment). This is not the time for physical communication, but a time specifically for opening up spiritual communication.

Talk to the Universe! Use your psychic gifts, telepathy, empathy, and intuition while trusting the answers you are receiving from your spirit!

If you are feeling that need to want to become a healer it is due to this Mercury Retrograde healing period. You are hearing your calling to your healing. You have already made a spiritual choice internally to be open to receive the highest of vibrations, and taking the first step in healing for yourself. The gifts will come as you heal.

Your bodies (mental, emotional, and physical) along with your energy field need to be in a state of constant clear flowing energy in order to be fully healed. If you can not feel your energy, there is a mental block causing a physical block to your feelings. All healing occurs in the mind as the mind is a powerful tool and as you believe it, then so it shall be.

Take time and care for yourself to be aware of the thoughts in your mind during this retrograde, and only feed your mind and body positive healing solutions. Talk to your body from your mind, reestablish the connection to your body. Tell your cells what you need healed, and feed them positive healing energy with positive healing thoughts.

Don’t forget to ground to the Earth during this process. Mother Earth provides all healing energy needed for your body, whether it is through walking barefoot, plants, or clean foods.

Mercury Retrograde is also a time period to focus on clearing out all negative energies as the emotions are brought up in you. Allow yourself to feel the emotion, and take the time to meditate to find where this emotion is coming from. Sometimes feelings and emotions aren’t just about the situation that just happened in the physical, but about a past life memory your spirit is holding onto. Clear out all emotions you feel strongly by focusing on where the energy of the emotion leads you, ask your spirit to clear all that ails you.

Twin Flames:

Many of you are meeting your REAL TWIN at this time. This is a magical period for you as energy blocks are being cleared to open the lines of communication in the physical realm.

This is a magical experience for you, a blessing, but also a challenge as we head into retrograde. Be wary that communication is not easy during this retrograde period, but as a twin flame, once you wake up to the healing energy and realize who it is in the physical, never forget the spiritual energetic communication that happens between you two. Mercury retrograde can throw out energies that keep you two from speaking to each other in the physical and can cause issues if you focus too much on the physical aspect. Go within if a lack of communication is happening in the physical. All answers and feelings are within you!

Lack of communications can happen, try not to take it so personally. Don’t let your insecurities eat at you as this affects the twin too. Remember your spiritual connection to each other. The spiritual energy and bond you have that creates the magnetic pull to each other.

The Universe is sending its healing energy lining you up to the perfect relationships and to your purpose at this time.

However, I have also seen the twin flame label become an issue for many of you. If you know or are reading of twin flames but do not know if you are with the twin flame or not, then the answer is easy and it is not your twin flame. If you are going through an abusive relationship or a toxic relationship then more than likely it is not your twin flame.

The twin flame happens once you put in the spiritual work to clear and to heal yourself first.

Yes! You go through soulmates and strong connections in relationships first, it is all a part of the process.

Love who you are with no matter what if the relationship is good. All will lead to the twin flame when you choose the spiritual path, no matter what the label.

The twin flame is meant to be a healing relationship for both of you. A magical experience. You are meant to help heal each other. The twin flame was never meant to be toxic.

Sure, you might argue with each other (your self) here or there, or need space from each other at times, which is normal for all relationships. However, when you reach the twin flame and know without a doubt who it is, then you are on your way to becoming fully healed, while handling all situations in a kind loving manner.

You will handle the relationship with your twin in the same kind loving manner. This is the most divine, highest of the high vibrational relationship and a blessing.

Blessings do not come with abuses and separations! Blessings come with love! The twin flame journey also comes with love, unconditionally.

Remember you are whole and complete even without this relationship. If you are not in union with the twin flame, then the answer is simple. There is more to clear and take care of spiritually first. You have more work to do to heal yourself first. It is ok! Focus on healing, not the twin flame. Your healing is what opens you up to the twin flame. It will come in time with patience if you choose the spiritual path. Know though, that the process can take years and is all up to how you handle your own healing.

Which brings me to the next topic I wanted to write about this week!

I see it everywhere in groups, on social media, and out in the real world where there are people that expect psychics, lightworkers, healers, and empaths to give out free healing. It has become a problem now that healers charge for their work. In which there are different prices everywhere you go.

I want to let each and everyone of you know that I personally paid for training which started in massage school and with Reiki. From there I paid for massages, for Reiki from others on many occasions. I have paid for homeopathy, for herbs, for clean organic foods! I have paid for work shops, readings, classes, and even for Kryst Clearing for myself until it was passed down to me. I found better readings paying more money as those healers knew their self worth, and exactly what they are doing and how it works.

Many of us that heal and charge have paid for help from others to aid in our journey, and I can say that it sure helped me to do so. It worked!

I paid for my health, for my well being, and to meet others with common spiritual understanding to learn from them. It is those people I was blessed to meet along the way that helped me to be the healed, happy, grateful person I am today. I do not regret one penny I ever had to pay to reach the level of high vibrations I feel now.

It is those healers that charged to survive in this world. Their methods have afforded them the lives they deserve, as you need shelter, food, water, clothes, cars or transportation, etc…all of which cost money.
All needed to survive.

Without their methods, I don’t have a clue where I would be today. Honestly, I would probably be half dead somewhere hating life after all the hell I have walked through. I personally do not even want to think what kind of negative place I would be in without each person I paid to help. These healers deserved the reward for their time, patience, and methods that worked!

I know that it was not meant for us to suffer in this world through the money system. It was meant for us to thrive utilizing the skills we have available in order to be able to thrive!

Each and every person deserves success in life! Especially after working so hard to reach that sort of success!

For those of you that feel healers should be working for free, it is a sign and symbolic to you that you are not understanding your own self worth. You are blocking your own success because of it.

You wouldn’t go to your job and give 8 to 10 hours of your time per day to a company that does not pay you! If you did, you would be homeless, starving, drained, tired, and sick! You would be giving your time, your body, your mind to a 40 hour work week and what do you get in return? Other than tired, drained, starving, cold, sick, etc..

The same goes for healers out there. Working for free takes time, energy, your mind, your body, and it took hard work to even build up the confidence to know your self worth. Healers become drained, tired, sick, and homeless too if giving out too much for free.

Those of you that feel you need healing for free, it is because you don’t understand what it means to heal. This is a reflection of you and how you feel about yourself. You are giving and giving so much of yourself for free that you are now expecting others to do the same. You are probably tired, drained, sick, confused, puzzled, feeling stuck. Which is why you are reaching out for help. It is understandable.

Know that if you are feeling this way then it’s time to reassess your own life in how you are feeling about yourself, and how much of your time you are giving out for free while not getting anything in return. It is time for you to reassess what is taking all your energy and remove it from your life. Then I can promise you if you take the time for yourself, make the choice to heal, and focus solely on you, then you will have the money to pay a healer to help.

This means not giving up so much time to social gatherings, friends, family and a relationship. This requires staying at home and letting go if all TVs, phones, computers, tablets, and gaming systems. You need a job or already have one and working hard, saving money through budgeting , while also taking time for you spiritually each day.

It sounds crazy! I know! But it works! All of this can put you in a better place in life mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Know yourself worth! It is up to you to save yourself! No one can do that for you! Only you can!

Stop expecting people who have worked hard on their journey spiritually to automatically heal you with free sessions. You have to know your self worth first to be open to receive any healing from anyone, and healing is hard work. Healing is a constant learning and growing process to become a better you!

Energy may be free from the Universe for all, which means anyone can find it!
Those that worked hard and trained in understanding energy can and will help you if you find the right healers you connect too. Life is all about human connections. You should trust in your gut feelings of these connections to lead you in the right direction. Do what you need too for yourself! Always do what is best for you, your mental health, your spiritual health, and your children first!

Never forget to love all your people fellow Queens and Kings! Including the ones that hurt you. They gave you a gift to learn to heal yourself. Empower yourself by being motivated in your life for your healing.

Spirit Blessings…

Cleopatra Love

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