We made it through another Mercury Retrograde!! We survived some very harsh energies in the beginning, and finally moving into peaceful Earth energies. 

Communication has been at its worst throughout this Retrograde, which could have caused issues in your relationships. These communication issues will be resolved throughout this week, so sit back and be patient and allow situations to unfold naturally. 

The full moon also brought up some unresolved anger, frustrations, and negative emotions. This is a healing experience for you to know exactly what needs to be released from your mental body and physical body. 

We all went through something in what felt like a very dark period. Many feel that they have been cursed, or attacked by dark magic. However, most of it is just the harsh energies and miscommunications of retrograde. 

These periods are when entities can be at their strongest, and many of you were highly sensitive to all energies during this time. Know, that all you have to do is ask for these entities to detach and leave your home and property. Some entities are just stuck in the in between and need some help finding the light to cross over. Now that we have moved into this peaceful period, it is the perfect time to cleanse and clear through meditation with white light, which will aid the entities around you in crossing over. 

Now is the time to also cleanse and clear your home of all negative energies heading into Spring. Spring Cleaning begins the clearing and will aid in bringing clear energies to your home. 

Then of course, burning sage will clear out negative energies and germs. Make sure you set your intentions before burning sage to loving healing energies while allowing it to burn from wall to wall and door to door. I personally always start with the front door and move in a clockwise direction making my way back to the front door. 

Be sure to open your front and back door to allow fresh air to flow through your home. This will bring chi energy, and allow energy to flow freely after the clearing process! 

It’s time to set up your home as your sacred space with all elements! Candles in the South corners of rooms for fire. Inscense burners and inscense in the East corners of rooms for air. Clear glasses, or Mason jars filled with water in the West Corners of rooms. You can use crystals and plants in the North corners for Earth energies. Bringing the elements into your home will aid in protection and bring positive energies to your sacred physical space. 

Many feel the need to rearrange areas of the home for better energies. This is ok, as Sping is the transition period and rearranging and changing the energy in your space will aid the energetic flow you need for your healing. 

Throw out the clutter and stuff that no longer serves you during this time. Mentally and emotionally this will help you to throw out the negative energies, no longer serving you! 

Then sit back, meditate, and enjoy with a feeling of accomplishment once you are done!! Its a necessary blessed clear feeling needed after this retrograde. 

We are still feeling the overshadowing energies of Mercury Retrograde and will continue to feel them heading into April. Which means, it’s good to steer clear of any heavy life changing decisions. Try to stay put for now until the second week of April. 

This is a strong manifestation period where you can manifest your dreams into coming true. Be sure to take a moment each day to think about the positive goals in your life and what you hope to accomplish for your near and distant future. 

Many of you will plan to move to different homes this Spring. If you are feeling this transition period coming, now is the time to save your money, and hold onto everything you can, as this move is necessary for your healing and peace within. Take your time in finding the right place for you. We are still in retrograde, the perfect time to look but don’t make any rash decisions until we head into the second week of April (if you can help it). 

This is also a good time for relationship changes. Many of you are realize you are not with your actual twin flame, but know that this is ok. It is all a lesson for you and your life of self love, self respect, what you will and won’t allow in your life. 

If anything is toxic, Spring time is the perfect time to make positive changes happen for your own inner peace and sanity. 

Twin flames in separation will be reuniting from now and on into April. 

Many will be moving into Union phase after doing all the Spiritual work throughout the Winter Months to cleanse, clear, and heal. This is your reward for all your hard work. You will see the signs, the synchronicities, while feeling Kundalini energy rising up in your body. You will feel the excitement growing as Union is coming, and will know who your twin is very very soon. 

Remember that you and your twin share the same thoughts. This is a comfortable feeling, that feels like home with strong loving energies. It can be very scary at first unlike strong soulmate connections where you are able to just jump right in. 

Take your time! As even with Union coming there is still more work and clearing to do to as you face yourself in another. 

However, all relationships are mirrors for you. Showing you what you love and what you don’t like about yourself. Know that you can change this mirror you are seeing within another, simply by taking the time to focus on you, and changing the traits and qualities you don’t like from within. 

This is the perfect time to focus on changing for the better with better energies and behaviors, and to think about the doors that need to open in order for you to reach your personal peace and happiness. 

If you haven’t reached the twin flame then know it’s a hard journey. A journey you just happen to wake up too, where you have to put in the spiritual clearing work in order for it to happen. You will wake up and just know the twin flame exists. These energies are strong, you will KNOW! Don’t worry as it is a process! Keep doing what you are doing to aid your healing in your life, and in time you will reach this journey. Go ahead and start the healing process, for yourself in your life. 

Many are happy in soulmate relationships, and that is ok. There are no rights or wrongs in choosing what is best for you in your life. As long as you are in peaceful, happy, loving, healing energies, while doing the spiritual world for yourself, that is all that matters, and what heals humanity and the Earth. You are doing your part. 

This is a time period to remember the magical person you are, and to put in healing work for yourself. Watch as doors open when youanifest your positive thoughts into reality. Be specific in asking the Universe for what you need, and what as all is provided for you in perfect divine timing. 

I have watched as Perfect Divine Timing has also come into fruition in my life. 

Tell your ego and stress to take a backseat. Let your Eternal Spirit Within Drive you!! As it’s your Spirit that holds all the intuition you need to stay on the right positive path. 

Many blessings, loved ones!! 

May you feel whole and complete as I wish you all the love this Universe has to offer in your life! 

Cleopatra Love 

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