Many of you are working so very hard spiritually to better yourself through clearing and healing that you forget what it means to enjoy life. This Mercury Retrograde period has been harsh in bringing traumas to the surface to be released. It has brought about harsh situations, harsh energies, and we are all going through something. Many are feeling overwhelmed during this time.

Anytime you are feeling overwhelmed, it is showing you, you are overly focused on your healing which can cause you to overthink, creating confusion in your life. Sometimes it is a sign that you are taking your spiritual work way too seriously and need a break to simply enjoy life again.

Now is the perfect time during this last bit of retrograde to reward yourself for all your hard work (I have been saying this to almost everyone I have read lately)!! Have some FUN!!! Go out and eat, drink, and be merry. Take some time with friends this weekend. Find a coffee shop, live music, a festival to attend, or spend time on a nature walk, go on a hike, take a beach trip, etc… Personally, my family decided to have an arcade day with laser tag in which we wore ourselves out, but uplifted our spirits in working so hard to accomplish our goals.

Sometimes you can take life too seriously and become stuck in the routine of hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can become stuck in your healing mode taking it so seriously you put yourself in negative vibrations, which leaves you feeling stuck with stagnant energy. It’s good for you to get up and get moving and find a change of scenery to help get your energy flowing freely again.

There are many cheap ways to do this, you just have to search for them, or maybe you want to go out of your way to pay for a healing spa retreat! The choice is yours! You are free to do as you please to aid you in your journey!

Celebrate your hard work and your accomplishments this week. Be grateful for all that you have accomplished, and see how far you have come already from the start of this year, until now!

For those of you feeling the twin flame journey, some times you also can take the journey too seriously in feeling your twin flame. It’s not always good to sit at home listening to the telepathy of what your other half is doing, trying to figure it all out, as even that can throw you off the path of personal peace and happiness.

Personal peace and happiness always comes first, and the best way to find it is to find the perfect reward for your life and make it happen.

You have been working way too hard my beloved friends! That overwhelming feeling you are getting is reminding you that you need to simply enjoy the beauty this Earth brings to you.

Healing is not just about meditation, clearing, and exercise and taking it so seriously you forget about the fun you are supposed to be having while here on Earth.

Take a moment for you! Do something fun and exciting for you! Something rewarding to uplift your spirits!

Just one day of rewarding yourself can bring back the happiness you are desperately seeking through meditation, through your twin flames. When true happiness lies within you and can be brought back to the surface by getting up and putting yourself back out into the world.

Get off of Facebook and support local businesses as these businesses are also working hard to bring you positivity and happiness! You are also rewarding others with positivity, peace, and happiness by supporting their business.

Spring is right around the corner! The energies are about to change bringing warmth, comfort, and healing to each and every one of you as The Earth is regaining her strength to come back to life, bringing you back to life too!

Take one day to reward you for all that you do! You deserve it!!!

It is the perfect time to celebrate your life! The blessing you have been given to live, to breathe, and to enjoy each and every moment!

Live in the present moment! Focus on what is within your reach, right now!

With all my love and healing energy,

Cleopatra Love

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