2018 is now officially OVER!! Celebrations have come to an end. I felt all the healing energy of mass meditations in the first few days of the New Year. I am thankful for all the light workers putting positive energy into the Universe, and into each other as you aid Earth in her ascension. Don’t forget to reward yourself too for all your hard work as you are needed on this Earth at this time!

Even if you don’t feel that you are a Lightworker, it is time to realize how important you are and reward yourself for all your spiritual work for yourself. Healing yourself is what causes healing energy to each and every person around you, which makes you a Lightworker, Earth Angel, Starseed, and Blessed!

This week is going to be for emotional work. We are starting off with emotions being the strong point in your spiritual work. Emotions that need to be healed and released. This is happening due to the ascension energy and as Earth heals and evolves, you heal and evolve.

Because emotions are running high and ascension energies are strong, you might find yourself having a difficult time sleeping. Especially in the early hours between 1 am, and 5am. This is your time for your spiritual work as meditation has some of the same benefits as sleep.

By focusing on deep breathing and meditation you will receive spiritual truths at this time. Truth energy is flowing fluently throughout the Universe!

Rest is still important as the energies are strong enough to make you feel just a bit more tired than usual.

All relationships look out!! Be wary!! This is a healing period. If there is toxicity, you feel tired, drained, fighting all the time. It’s because emotions are reaching an all time high and it is time to focus on yourself. You don’t have to give permission to anyone or anything that feels toxic. Take all the space you need to handle all emotions you are feeling.

Upgrades are happening at this time. Healing energy is readily available. Be open to receive all the loving healing energies this Universe has to offer. Be confident in yourself.

It is very important to find your meditative place of peace this week. Use your mind’s eye to create a sacred space. A space that is unique to you. A sacred space that brings you total tranquility in meditation. It can be the Mayan ruins, a log cabin in the woods, the beaches of Figi, etc…whatever feels warm, loving, comforting for you.

Utilize this space for all your spiritual work and guidance. You can speak with your guides here, or find peace and love within yourself. Bring different colored light down from the heavens to your heart, and up from the Earth to your heart.

Stay grounded on the Organic Earth Correction Timeline here in your sacred meditative space. This will also help you while emotions run wild this week.

It is always important to have a sacred space when entering into spiritual work for yourself. A place where you feel safe and protected. You are a beautiful person for even wanting to begin the journey of bettering yourself. You are blessed. Holy Spirit works through you to heal you which will in turn radiate energy to aid others in their own healing.

No matter what you are going through at this time. Know you are loved, supported, protected during the changes happening this year. This is the year of success, of greatness, of accomplishing dreams.

Many blessings Beautiful Souls!


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