Finally!!! We have made it through Ascension Detox Energy and the Super Wolf Blood Moon Energies!

It has been a rough period for all of us this first month of the year. I promise you it should ease up in your journey from here.

This whole month has been about facing all parts of ourselves! Those newly awakening, all trauma has been brought to the surface and shook you to your core. You are feeling the anxiety and tensions of everything in your life that needs to be cleared.

Those already awakened, we are going through it with the newly awakened. We experience every wave of spiritual awakening that comes our way. We are still students and have lessons to learn, and much clearing to do. Soul contracts, past life emotions and trauma have come to the surface for you. Especially if you are experiencing deep wild emotions that appeared out of no where. These are to tell you to reach deeper in your clearing. Reach to the very beginning of your spirit’s journey.
Ask your spirit to clear the emotions you feel coming to the surface!

There is still more clearing to come, but for now we are receiving a fresh healing break. This is a healing period to focus within on love. Love for yourself, love for others, love for this Earth, and love for all creatures here.

All creatures are parts of yourself showing up to aid you in your journey. We are all connected. Even the bugs and bunnies that pass by have a message for you on your journey. Yes! The bugs!

The whole Universe speaks to all of us in many forms if you pay attention. This is the period to sit back and listen to the Universe!!

What is the Universe trying to tell you?

What do you need to do for yourself to feel better?

What does your body need?

Keep manifesting your healing in visualizing yourself and what it would be like to be fully healed from all negative energies, blocks, and damages. What does it feel like to be pain free? Free from all health issues and all suffering? See yourself fully healed and KNOW that one day you will reach this goal of yours. You are making it happen just by visualizing in your minds eye.

I am writing to the newly awakened souls now to tell you to keep your head up. You chose this moment and this journey knowing it would not be easy. So far you feel shaken by undeniable truths you have found. You feel the weight of the world weighing heavy on you as your intuition is showing you these harsh heavy truths you happened to “wake up” too. Know you are blessed to find these truths, as now energetically you have the gift to take back your inner power to fight these harsh energies and release them.

You are much stronger now! We are ALL much stronger now! Look up and look ahead to the brighter future before you. You are co-creating a better reality for yourself by recognizing these truths. Your world!! Your world is going to change and be for the better once your purpose comes to you. Have patience with yourself. Soak up the waves of healing energy as they guide you to the light energies and higher vibrations you are seeking.

I write to everyone when I say, be the Queen and King in your life! Your World! Don’t forget to love all your people in it. Help each other as a loving Queen and King would! Lift each other up. No matter what your situation. We are ALL guiding each other to the light, in the right direction, on the right path for humanity to evolve past the darkness so desperate for control. You are much stronger than all the darkness in your awakening journey. You just have to realize it!

You are supported and protected by the Universe in this journey! If you aren’t feeling supported and protected you need clearing. I am here to help! All you have to do is ask!

To the twin flames: We hit a rough patch these past few weeks due to the ascension energies and moon energies causing chaos in our emotions and mental states. It has caused separation for those that haven’t fully cleared all negative energy blocks.

Remember, everything you do on your end to cleanse and clear also effects your twin. Same soul, two bodies. Do the work on your end. Focus on you and let your twin fall into place as these healing waves of energy are to line you back up to being in tune with each other. All is within you. Even in separation. All the positive work you do will pay off. Hang in there!

False twins: as they do exist and also line up with the twin flame energies but cause more emotional chaos than it is worth. It’s a distraction to hold you back from finding your true self, your true twin. If you are experiencing chaos, then also have chaos during these healing periods. More than likely it is a false twin. A toxic distraction.
This person will seem like you in every way, but is not lining up to the spiritual work you are doing in your life. It’s a sign to focus on yourself. There is still more work to do in removing blocks and learning self love and self respect.

You should respect yourself as much as you respect others. Everything you do to respect others, you should be doing for yourself. Seeing yourself in the same light, the same respect. I can’t say it enough in how important self respect is on the twin flame journey. It is that self love and self respect which allows you two to flourish and co-create a better reality together.

Again, we are all fully supported and protected on our spiritual journey! Know this to be true!

Also, we are in a period of the rise of the Goddess! The Divine Feminine Energy is flowing freely this week! Women are rising to power and fighting for human rights everywhere. Mother Earth is healing herself during all her changes. Try not to let these Earth changes frighten you as all moves back into place. The way it is supposed to be. All part of her Divine Plan! Time to nurture yourselves spiritually during these changes! Find your inner power!

To the men: Embrace what you are feeling during this time. You are emotional, energetic, magical, and very logical beings. Throw logic out the window and embrace the deep feelings you are experiencing during this time. It is ok to feel!! There is a deep inner power that comes from being the true emotional human. Now is the time for you to also rise up to the feelings of loving nurturing energies. Raising your vibrations. This is your healing to feel so deeply that you find your gifts and magic you have been hiding within. Let the true self shine!

Blessings Fellow Queens and Kings!!
Love and Light!

Cleopatra Love

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