Wonder why it is called the Full Wolf Moon?

The wolf as your spirit animal is a very loyal creature. Loyal to the pack! Family!

This is the time to focus on your family as this moon is going to bring true families back together again.

Now, when I say true family, family can also be the friends you keep close to you. Some of us have internet family! As yes, we may not get to visit or see each other, but you all have become family!

Any tight knit circle with people helping each other is considered family. As we all help each other out of pure unconditional love.

I love seeing so many groups of people coming together just to lift each other up! Give, and give back, and transferring energy wisely. Inspiring each other!

It’s exactly what spirituality is in coming together agreeing to disagree with our own beliefs true to us, and helping each other! Each energy transfer is enough to inspire your path!

Who is family to you?? Be sure to send them love and healing energies during this full wolf moon!

Let’s take that energy of love across the Earth and even further so other planets are feeling it! Universal Love for Family!

Now, that you are thinking about love. Know that this wolf moon will bring you truths. Hard truths about yourself. Everything you have done that you haven’t forgiven within yourself. It’s time to forgive.

That love you feel for family is what you need to forgive as it’s that same love you need to feel within yourself! For your own healing!

Love yourself first as this is a time of Self! Self healing! Self Knowing! Ever changing the Self to allow the TRUE LOVING SPIRIT to shine through.

Twin flames: I feel for you at this time as you are all going through heavy emotions in having to face many hurt, broken parts of yourself. It’s time to heal those broken parts. We already went through the ascension detox period and this is the last of it before we start feeling heavy waves of healing energy again.

Take space and time for you!! I had just written about how you would not like your twin flame this week. As, having to face deep broken parts of yourself it manifests into the physical realm, causing chaos between you two.

If chaos is happening, know it is all for a divine healing purpose to aid you on your spiritual journey of healing yourself. All takes time. Slowly but surely. Have patience with yourself.

Now is also the time to cleanse and clear energetically all toxic people, all negative energies, all black magics (send it back to it’s original domain), all negative entities, etc…

Clean HOUSE! Full moon time is the best time to clean house as it aids in clearing out the negative energies. Set your intentions to LOVE first. Play happy healing music. Cleaning while feeling that loving intention will bring harmony to your space. YOUR SACRED SPACE!! The harmony you need to make it through the ascension process. (This message is especially for those of you, I feel, hitting the awakening process!)


This moon is loyal to those focusing on self clearing and healing which will bring you blessings in the future.

Now is the time to focus on SELF!
What do you need to replenish your energy?
What do you need for your self?
What do you need in order to heal?
What will help you find the happiness within?
What will bring you back to your true self?

I can offer guidance, energy reports, readings, and clearings but ultimately you have to take back your inner power and learn to heal yourself!

It is all up to you! Trust your intuition to lead you in the right direction to the right help!

Many blessings beautiful souls! Sending you all loving healing energy!

Cleopatra Love

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