Energy Report: Ascension Detox Jan. 14, 2019

I am loving feeling all the ascension energy, and it is all for a divine purpose. We did go through a high energy period there with strong waves of ascension energy flowing in which caused some insomnia. It has been a harsh period for those who are newly awakened!

Welcome beautiful souls to your spiritual awakening which is what brought you to my page. No matter what level of awakening you have reached. You are here for a reason. I can only guide you through it, or I can help to clear negative energies, but you also must do your own intuitive deep inner work to heal yourself. As you heal and evolve for yourself, others will heal and evolve around you. It is a chain reaction as we are all connected as one.

It is time to choose love! First step is in loving yourself. This week is going to be filled with detox ascension energy. As this first wave brought in healing energies that brought up negative emotions, trauma, suffering, energy attachments. The ascension energy now is here to aid you in detoxing all negative emotions, energies, attachments, and soul contracts. Take care of yourself spiritually this week!

Use this time wisely for yourself as the ascension energy allows you to sleep and rest throughout this week. Rest up!! You are going to need it as we ride through this next wave of ascension energy.

Now is the time where diet changes start happening naturally. You will feel compelled to let go of certain toxic foods. Trust in yourself, your body, your taste buds to guide you in the right direction. Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential in maintaining energetic balance at this time. Clean, organic, healthy foods will raise your vibration and allow for a smooth peaceful detox period.

Now is time to ask for what you need for yourself to detox. Ask for entity attachments to be removed, soul contracts to be cleared, all negative emotions to be cleared and released, and for your ego to be healed. Now is the time to focus on what is right and healthy for you. There is assistance available and all you have to do is ask. The Universe is giving you everything you need for your own healing if you believe.

If you are still experiencing energy blocks, I highly recommend a Kryst Clearing as it has aided so many people in awakening the true spirit within and can help push this awakening process to be a bit smoother for you.

Trust in your gut feelings this week as everything that is happening is for a purpose to put you on the right path towards your purpose.

This is also the week for you to focus inward and find your self worth. You are worthy of love! You are worthy of blessings! You are worthy of financial improvements! You are open and ready to receive all blessings.

If you are having a hard time reaching this point it is OK to ask for help and guidance. There are many awakened souls out there that are more than happy to guide and help lead you in the right direction.

I know I am not the only awakened soul out there for help. Trust in your gut feelings to lead you to the right person, the right help for exactly what you need during this detox period. We all understand how powerful awakening is, and how it shakes you to your core. Know that your path will become easier. I know I even had to ask and pay for help for myself at times during awakening. Crazy right? We all need a little help sometimes.

It is not an easy journey that is not to be taken lightly. Which is why all fellow Lightworkers, Awakened, Starseeds, Earth Angels, etc are coming together to be able to assist one another. I know many of us charge to survive in the world as we have too. It is a good transfer of energy in a system of control, but no matter what, we all are here to assist out of pure compassion and love with the best of intentions for your healing.

New Twin flames, this is a heavy period for us. You might not enjoy being around or like your twin flame at the moment as we are all being forced to look deeper to clear out old energies and negative emotions. We are being forced to heal from past traumas and negative experiences. It is OK to separate for a bit to gather yourself and become a better fully healed version of you. That is exactly why you go through these periods of separation so you both are at peace to heal and love yourself!

Don’t try to force the connection as the healing and clearing you do is what will remove negative energy blocks to bring you two back together. It is OK to focus inward on yourself during this time. Let the physical world fall into place around you as you do what you need too for your own healing.

This detox period is going to be heavy. It can cause sickness, sinus issues, digestive issues, nausea as you detox your energetic and physical body. Know that we will all get through this together by focusing on what needs to be healed. If you are truly sick or have an emergency, please seek a Doctors help!!

This detox period already started 2 days ago and will be lasting until the end of the week.

Emotions are still at an all time high as we all are forced to focus on healing. Be kind to each other, even if someone is not kind to you.

If you feel upset, angry, anxious, depressed take a step back to assess these emotions. You are going through ascension detox and can ask for anything that you need to be cleared and healed at this time.

If you are feeling stuck or trapped and not feeling intuition of what you need through this energetic ascension detox process then there are many different energy blocks holding you back. It is time for you to find help from a fellow Sarseed. To aid in clearing so you can keep this ascension energy flowing freely for you as it should be.

It is a good week to take on some alone time through this detox period. Set boundaries for yourself and what you need. Learn to say No, and do what makes you happy. Self care is needed during this period, and your happiness is what heals YOU!

Take the time this week to make sure you smile in your meditations. Smiling helps to bring about positive loving healing energies from within. Even the slightest smile with some deep breathing can help change your mood.

We are ALL tired throughout these energetic changes! We are ALL feeling it! As we are all One!

If you can become at ONE with your Eternal Spirit Within! You are unstoppable!

If we ALL become ONE with our Eternal Spirit Within. We ALL become ONE Spirit. Together we can move mountains blessed souls!

Cleopatra Love

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