We have another harsh supermoon coming up, as I feel the energy slowly shifting! Be expecting harsh energies raising anxiety levels, bringing trauma to the surface, and bringing up negative emotions (worries and fears).

Since you are expecting these harsh energies now, you are given the gift of knowledge to be able to transmute these energies to positive energies for yourself!

Utilize this time period for clearing out your aura and your home. Full moon time is always a wonderful time to cleanse your house, from cleaning to saging, to clear negative energies from your home!

Utilize this time period for yourself for positive healing meditations by bringing in the light from the Sun Energy to clear your aura and release all negative emotions and traumas. Sun Energy can and will transmute harsh moon energies!

Expect to feel a bit tired in the beginning of the week during these energy shifts. Expect another shift Wednesday when you should start to feel more energized and relieved.

With the full moon in pisces, this is going to be an emotional time where emotions are running high. Stay grounded my friends! It is going to be needed this week. Try not to take harsh energies from others personally. Know that we are all feeling and going through something this week.

In my minds eye, I keep seeing green candles for this week which is symbolic of healing heart energy, as well as attracting abundance. Be open to receive all the infinite blessings and abundance available to you this week!

Green is also symbolic of career and purpose. Many of you feel the need to focus heavily on your careers now! This is a power time in the next few months to build success as the abundance energies are available to you.

I feel that many of you who are newly awakened will awaken to your purpose after this full moon clearing. As long as you put in the healing work for yourself. Your purpose is coming to you soon!

Those of you that set yourself up for success last year, use this manifestation period to continue to attract the abundance you need to keep going.

For the twin flames, during these last few weeks. I know and see many of you letting go of the twin flame, or what you felt was your twin flame, and even false twin flames! Good for you for removing what is no longer helping you in your life. You are a beautiful strong willed person to know your inner power, knowing you choose peace over toxicity!

Some twin flames are in separation during this time. Know that this is meant to happen to allow you the time to focus on your career and your purpose. This is a power time for you in setting yourself up for success.

This is the week to focus on abundance. Everything will come to you in abundance! Keep your vibrations high and your solar plexus clear to remain open to receive!

Intuition is at its strongest throughout this week! Now is the time to fully trust yourself and your intuitions 100%! All answers come from within. Follow your Spirit and your Heart this week! Let your loving Spirit Shine!

Many blessings fellow Queens and Kings!
Straighten up your crowns! Remember who you are this week! Know your inner strength and power! Be Strong and be Bold! Most of all just be yourself doing what you feel is right for you!

Cleopatra Love