Finally we are headed into this week with positive energy! Happiness is just around the corner if you choose it!

It is now time to awaken from your detox period, the full moon period, the rest period, and start accomplishing your goals.

The energy flowing now is positive healing ascension energy. After a period of detoxing negative energies and emotions, there is always a period of positivity and healing.

It is time to take control of your healing! What do you want to accomplish next?
Even the smallest accomplishment can make you feel awesome!

In choosing happiness this week, pay attention to anything that tries to take this happiness from you. More than likely it is toxic and time to make some changes to keep this happiness in your life.

Focus on healing from within yourself! What do you need to release? What needs to be healed?

Release all negative emotions and traumas this week to move forward to a better you!

I know I have been hearing the owls this week as a sign of a death and rebirth period! Handle your situation with wisdom and silence! Cut ties and move forward. You are giving birth to a better you! All situations are only temporary.

We are ALL going through something to bring us to inner peace and to positive life situations.

Part of awakening is to shake you to your core. To shake up the negative energy, to detox the negative energy, and to bring you back to a fully healed and happy you!

Nothing happens overnight as this is a process, and processes take time. Anxiety will slowly dissipate over time. You are feeling strong energies and strong connections, your body isn’t quite used too yet. Breathe!!! Take Time for YOU!!!

Know that in this healing process of healing yourself, those around you will begin a healing process too! You will be able to help them through it. You don’t need to try and force healing on anyone, or to force opinions. It is up to each person to do it on his or her own.

Everyone is working hard at their own pace. We are all at different levels, different frequencies. You just maintain your frequency and vibrate high, and eventually those around will raise their vibrations to meet you.

We are ALL going through this healing process together. The HEALING OF HUMANITY is HAPPENING as more and more of us unite in befriending each other while sharing healing messages and truths!

As for the twin flames, I am seeing so much about abuse it is breaking my heart. I see a lot of misunderstandings about the twin flame journey, and I am having a hard time wanting to write about it. It saddens me to see so many, go though so much, just for the twin flame label. It is not worth the heart ache, the stress, the pain and suffering you are feeling.

Pain and suffering is not a part of the twin flame journey. It is not meant for you to suffer but to heal.You will wake up with kundalini energy one day! An energy so strong, it heals you! This comes first, after doing heavy clearing and putting in the spiritual work. This energy can come from awakening, and comes on suddenly in this case, but you feel the energy FIRST!

If you haven’t felt that energy (and trust me, when I say, you will know), more than likely it is not the twin flame.

The Kundalini Energy always comes first!
(This energy is so strong it will make you stop everything just to breathe through it.) Anything else is karmic, or a soulmate, etc…

If it is toxic, let it go to head towards the right direction. Towards true LOVE!

Remember you want LOVE and RESPECT!

Not the label!

Steer clear of harsh energies this week, by finding inner peace. Setting boundaries. Doing what is best for you!

Many blessings!! You have my love!

Cleopatra Love

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