The energy is changing for the better now. You have survived the battles and assessed all fears, emotions, and traumas being brought to the surface during the past two full moon phases. All negative energies are clearing now as we head into March!

This is a power time for all of you as we are entering a healing phase this week. If you are having a hard time clearing and releasing these negative energies, I highly recommend investing in Kryst Clearing and asking for help. It is my life purpose to empower you and aid you on your healing journey. Please read testimonials of others as I have watched Kryst Clearing change lives in a matter of weeks. It truly is amazing and brought me to tears last full moon watching all these clearings happen. Know, I am here to go through it with you as you heal and teach you how to do this for yourself so you can remain in high vibrations!

Again, this is a power time for you, especially the newly awakened. You are now in a healing phase where you are able to manifest your dreams. Doors will be opening for you during this power time for the next few months, as this is the year for success, business, and career.

Many of you are already putting your focus towards your career and businesses! This is all for a balance in your life to help bring you to your true purpose, and if you follow your true purpose and your heart, money will fall into place.

Everything is going to come in abundance during this power time! You have abundance energies readily available to you for the next couple weeks. Be open to receive all healing energy, as it is this healing energy bringing you back to love. Love will aid you in all areas of life, especially in your career. Love makes you unstoppable!

Many of you have worked hard to remove all toxicity in your life, and it may seem like a struggle, but I can promise you peaceful healing energies from Earths ascension will hit you very soon (if they haven’t hit you already). You just needed to find the peace to be open to the healing energies available to you! As this time period is all about bringing you balance.

A balance of money and love, which is connected to your root chakra. Money and love! Many think that the root is connected to money and relationships, however you do not have to be in a relationship to feel love. You are an emotional human and love comes in all forms. Love for your career, friends, family, passions, hobbies, and most of all yourself! Finding this balance of money and love during this time period will keep you grounded to the Earth!

Fellow starseeds, empaths, light workers, Earth Angel’s, etc., we have worked very hard on healing ourselves, while helping others. By helping others, we heal ourselves. We all heal and evolve together even being on different frequencies and vibrations. All healing will pay off as the Earth ascends and we ascend with her! Many of you are already seeing the pay offs and dreams coming true!

Again, this is a year of success! You have the chance and ability to make all your dreams possible but remember, baby steps. One step forward at a time!

Now is a time to focus on your dreams!

What do you want to create?

What skills do you have to make your passions possible?

How can you use these skills?

If you make your dream possible, how will this dream aid humanity and the Earth?

What is your end goal with what you want to create? The bigger picture?

Who will your business help?

How can you network with others?

Now is the time to manifest destiny and utilize these healing energies to make your destiny happen!

Change your perspective knowing all things are possible to co create at this time. You are a co-creator of your reality. It is up to you to put your dreams into the Universe so much so, these dreams happen right before your eyes. Do the spiritual work, and put in the time, effort, and footwork. Then watch how your life changes for the better!

Twin flames are coming back together at this time, the right twin flame! Especially for those in false twin relationships. You will see it for yourself and know the difference.
All of the healing work you have accomplished is bringing you back together, in love.

Have patience if you are not in the union phase of this relationship. It is a power time for your purpose. Your purpose comes first and then everything will fall into place. These changes are going to be happening very quickly throughout this year!

HAVE PATIENCE! Do not jump into just any relationship if you feel your twin flame. Take your time as you focus on your purpose. You feel your twin flame for a reason. This is your Universal heads up and inner knowing which tells you the right relationship is coming. The right twin flame!
You never fully know exactly who your twin flame is until you reach the union phase. Not one psychic out there can tell you who your twin flame is on your journey.


There is no need to force this process as the Universe is setting up your life to bring you together. Forcing this process could lead you to the wrong person, a karmic relationship, a soulmate, a false twin flame.
Again, have patience and let The Universe do its job. Nothing will happen overnight. These dreams come true take time, and constant spiritual work to happen. Give it time. Take it slow. Make sure the relationship energies are perfect before jumping into anything. Never settle for anything less than perfect when it comes to relationships. As the twin flame is supposed to be the dream come true. Not this separation, pain, agony, obsession, hurt.

It was not meant for the twin flames to suffer. It was meant for twins to come together in union fully ready and confident to live a dream come true!!

If you have not awakened to the strong twin flame energy, you have more work to do with yourself. You need to go through a spiritual healing process first. By focusing within on love. Love is what heals, and what establishes the mind heart connection. Love is what connects you to the Universe and the Earth. Love brings light! Love brings upgrades to your spirit. Finding this love is what will lead you to your purpose and your twin flame.

We all have a gift of connection. We are all connected. The more you do for yourself, and your inner peace (peace of mind), a ripple effect happens, a wave of powerful loving energy flows around you which can and will affect others. Stay in these high vibrations to aid in the healing of humanity.

Yes, we are human, struggles happen, but the gift is to feel. Allow yourself to feel all emotions but clear your mind to find peace and love. Clearing your mind will clear negative energies and allow you the gift of letting go for peace of mind.

No matter where you are in your journey. You are beautiful, loved, special! You are perfect just the way you are! You are human! To be human is a blessing as you are a powerful tool to changing the Earth for the better, simply by loving yourself while loving and helping others.

We are all in this together! Be Strong! Be bold! Be yourself!

Remember who you are and why you are here during this time! You have a mission to make your dreams possible and true!

You just have to remind yourself of your mission! You have to stop trying and do it!

Never forget to love all your people fellow Queens and Kings to find the balance you need!

Spirit blessings! May your Spirit heal you!

Cleopatra Love

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