Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Blessed Yule, whatever you believe many blessing to all of you!

We have made it through the winter solstice and the full moon in Cancer! These energies have caused a lot of anxiety for many of you. If you are feeling fearful and anxious, know that these feelings will subside as we head into the holidays. These energies have brought up emotions needing to be assessed and cleared from your spirit. You could be feeling this way from past life trauma being brought to the surface. If this is the case, then it is the time to sit back and do some past life meditations by connecting to your spirit to find out what your body is holding onto, and how to release it.

If you are having a hard time releasing these energies, please sign up for your clearing. I do record them for you and send them to you via drop box or Google drive so you can refer back to it during meditation time at any time.

Fear and anxiety can also be happening as we are headed towards 2019 very quickly now. Not knowing what lies ahead in the future can be very scary for some as 2018 has been a rough year for all of us awakening to higher consciousness. Many have lost jobs, lost relationships, and just now finding a purpose in life. This past year has really broken down many of the old energies you have been experiencing, and given you time to sit back and manifest your dreams. It has been the year of justice, and karma. We all have reaped what we sewed this year from our past, again breaking down the old energies and bringing us into new positive energies for 2019.

This clearing is going to continue to be happening for the next couple weeks as we move into the new year. And whatever you have meditated on in 2018 is going to start coming to fruition in the beginning of 2019.

We are still in a high energy manifestation period, and you are the co-creator of your life in being awakened to a higher level of consciousness. You are a part of this beautiful creation on Earth, and any thoughts you are putting into the Universe in 2018 will become possible as we head into the next year. Since we are still in this manifestation period, it is never to late to begin changing your thought patterns by focusing on your dreams and what you hope to accomplish this next year.

Maybe you are wanting to start a new career, a new business doing the very things you love. Now is the time to start co-creating and thinking about how to make this your reality.

Maybe you lost a soulmate or relationship this year or realizing a relationship is no longer working for you, as 2018 is clearing out old toxic energies, now is time for you to reassess what is going to be best for you in co creating your reality.

Many have you have chosen to remain alone this past year and retreat from the world for a bit. This is a natural part of the clearing out the old energies and healing from all negative energies and energy blocks that have been holding you back.

Some of you are just now finding your twin flame, the other half of your soul, as our souls were split into masculine and feminine halves. However, finding that feeling of love is very important at this time. A feeling of unconditional love for yourself, and love for others is what is needed first in order for the twin flame relationship to take place smoothly in your life.

Take it slow with this relationship as it is unlike any other relationship you have experienced. A feeling of completeness, and being OK with being alone has to happen first in order for this relationship to work. All old energies have to be cleared, and negative energy blocks have to be cleared first which is what will open the lines of communication in the present moment.

If you find yourself having a hard time in the twin flame connection or are just waking up to this connection existing, know that this is a necessary part of the experience to bring you to the true loving self as all spiritual work that you do will aid in bringing you two together. Know that you share the same thoughts, the same feelings which can be rough if you are still going through the dark night of the soul and still clearing. Have patience as all good things have a tendency to happen in perfect divine timing.

Be wary of anything trying to hold you back in the end of this year and know that you have the right to make important decisions for yourself to remove yourself from anything toxic and anything bringing you down. Trust your intuition through this process, as again, this last bit of the year is clearing out all the old negative energies to move us into a positive state of being where doors will open for you in 2019. Trust in this manifestation period to help guide you.

Now is the time to enjoy your time with you, with friends, with family. If you don’t have family, sometimes good friends are the family we keep and there for you for a purpose in your life. Now is the time to enjoy your time here on Earth with whatever you choose to do. Life is meant to be a joyful loving experience. It wasn’t meant for us to suffer here on Earth. You chose to come here to uplift this planet during this awakening and necessary time.

You chose this path, your learning experience as we all learn how to become better loving humans through each trauma, each necessary experience we have. No one is perfect, not even myself, but we all strive to push towards the light as we evolve. Allow that Divine Energy to flow freely through your body, mind, and spirit each day. As it’s that light that shines bright hitting each spirit you come into contact with that will heal each and every one of us. And bring us all to a brighter future for us, and our children.

I am also appreciative in seeing mass meditations happening all over the world as this bright light radiates through each and everyone of us. Even those people you feel are still in a peaceful slumber will have the chance to awaken to higher levels of consciousness. Never lose hope for any one in humanity, as nothing is hopeless, and it’s that hope that keeps the light shining bright on this planet.

We all have assistance available here guiding us to a brighter future. Trust in your assistance, your feelings, your emotions, and your intuition as it is all guiding you to a divine loving purpose in life. The true Divine Loving Spirit within you!

And if you need more assistance please feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook and PM me. I am more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding readings and clearings! I will also be on vacation this week to enjoy time with friends and family, and manifesting my own dreams that are now coming to fruition with

I am offering 50% off of readings and clearings at this time knowing the holidays are rough financially for all of us. This will be valid through January 31, 2019. I am more than happy to bring you back to the light and positive energies as we head into the new year. Use the code: NEWYEAR2019 to book your reading or clearing today!

Many blessings beautiful souls!


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