The Holidays are just around the corner. Happy Holidays everyone!!

We are almost out from under the shadow of Mercury Retrograde. Which means, waves of positive energy are coming. Some waves started last Friday and have seeped into our weekend. However, these waves are for clearing. It’s good to focus on clearing out the negative energy in your life, while focusing on what you are grateful for at the same time. It will help to keep a positive mindset.

Many of you are just now hitting awakening energy, also known as ascension. Meaning, you are raising your energetic vibrations to love by clearing out traumas, karma, past life traumas, dark energies, dark entities etc…(all things I cover in my clearings, and much much more)! It begins in seeing 11:11. A magical number known as the master number. Opening you up to your own intuition and gifts.

In this first part of awakening, you are experiencing what is called, ” Dark Night of the Soul”. It can feel as though you are going insane. It can feel like a deep state of depression. When really, your consciousness is clearing out everything it feels is negative, or harmful to your spirit. You are doing this naturally and intuitively.

It’s good to pay attention to all thoughts you are having at the moment and to release anything you feel is holding you back. You can do this through meditative clearings, or even a physical practice of writing everything down and burning it, or burying your writings in the Earth.

It’s good to practice Earthing! Which means, put your bare feet in the Earth and ground yourself. I know some places are too cold for this and boots are necessary. But make sure if you feel you have hit awakening to spend some time each day. Whether through meditation or Earthing to ground your body, mind, and spirit!

Some of you have already been through awakening. And are feeling better than ever!!!

Remember this is a constant learning experience. Once you awaken, you get used to the waves of healing energy. The waves don’t feel as strong as they did in the beginning, but you will feel called to do certain things for yourself for good health. You might want to start an exercise routine, eat cleaner organic foods, become vegetarian or vegan for a while, start new art classes, or begin meditation etc…

Whatever that calling is, it’s time to listen, and implement the intuition you are receiving from this magical universe in order to better your mind, body, and spirit.

Pay attention to your dreams. Dreams are insightful. Sometimes it’s your subconscious mind telling you what you need to focus on. They can be symbolic of a warning, or even future events that are about to happen.

If you are having trouble with finding out what your dreams mean, please sign up for your reading, and I can help you lay it all out on the table, as well as teach you how to interpret for yourself. It is OK to ask for help, we all need it at times. I have plenty of intuitives for my own help too! We learn and grow by helping each other with love.

As for the twin flames, you may feel the twin flame energy. You know it’s there. But try not to focus on the physical aspect that this twin flame exists and YOU HAVE TO FIND IT! If you are trying to find it, you are trying too hard. Throw the whole idea out of your mind. It’s time to focus on you, yourself.
As a great spiritual teacher once told me, “Know Thyself!”

It is important for you to get to know every part of you. Good, bad, and ugly. It is time to love every part of yourself. Good, bad, and ugly. Embrace all of it with love. Loving yourself is number one which will empower you as a Queen, or King in your life. And the right relationship will find you in perfect divine timing without putting forth any effort at all. Trust in the journey.

And always remember that each and every one of you reading this article deserves love. You are strong! You are lovable! You are unique! And you are precious and put on this Earth for a purpose! I hope to help you find out exactly what that purpose is in your life!

Many blessings!!

Yours Truly,

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