Now that Mercury Retrograde is over as of December 6, 2018, and the dark energy has dissipated. We are coming out of a period where communication was at it’s worst. I know many people that felt angry, enraged, nothing was going their way. Many couples split up or had a hard time communicating their feelings properly in a way that their partner would understand. Business communications even went out the window as businesses have been preparing for the Holidays.

We are coming up on the busiest time of year for businesses and retailers, which means rush rush rush!! For everyone!!

Keep in mind that anything that happened during this Mercury Retrograde period has a tendency to reverse itself as the anger and negative energies subside. This period brought up trauma in all of us! Negative energies that you have been holding onto, coming to the surface for you to release what is holding you back. Those relationships that took a break have the chance now to reunite as these traumas and negative energies are being cleared. Communication is now going to be at it’s strongest point until the end of December and on into January.

This has been a year of manifestation and justice. You have dealt with your karma (good, bad, and ugly) and thought about your dreams and how to make these dreams possible. Now is the time to make your dreams happen. Since this year you have been patient, sitting back, slowly creating options and possibilities to make your dreams possible. Now is the time to start making your thoughts happen, and creating the life of your dreams. Starting now, will make it easier for you once we head full force into the new year.

As we rush rush rush through the Holidays, pay attention as new doors will begin to open for you. This is the time to weigh our your options relationship wise and career wise. What is going to be best for you in order to follow your dreams. Where do you feel confident? Trust your intuition and those gut feelings you are getting within the next few weeks. If something doesn’t feel right, more than likely it is your body telling you, it’s not right.

What does your heart desire? Now is the time to start thinking about what it is that you truly love. How do you follow what you truly love in life. How do you create a life of happiness and success that you have been dreaming of in 2018? Now is the time to start putting in the foot work, walk through the doors opening for you. It’s the time of doing and making things happen. Trying is no longer good enough, now is the time to do!

Toxic relationships is something that keeps coming up for me intuitively. If you feel your relationship is toxic for you, in other words, you are tired, weary, beaten down, broken. Then now is the time to make a decision for yourself as to whether you want to keep going with something that is hurting you, or whether it is time to let go. Allow yourself the time to heal between relationships. Don’t just go jumping into the next relationship when there are feelings and energies that have not been resolved within yourself first. You have to fully love yourself before you can truly devote true love to another. Now is the time to heal, process, focus on you.

However, I have been feeling the pool of twin flames lately as well. There are many twin flames out there that have reunited this year, but are going through a healing process. You are afraid of each other. You feel scared. You feel the need to run away from each other. You are fighting all the time (and it seems toxic to friends and family around you). This is showing you that it’s time to separate for a moment to collect yourself. This shows you that you don’t fully love yourself enough in order for this relationship to work in the physical realm. The twin flame relationship is an energetic connection stronger than any other as you are very much alike in many ways, but also have differences to compliment each other. During this retrograde period, trauma was brought up in you, both of you in order for you to release, clear, and heal the very energies holding you back. If your relationship is not calm, then it is time for both of you to take some space and focus within on the deepest part of yourself. And to meditate on clearing out all negative energy blocks causing the fear.

There is nothing to fear as the twin flames will always come back to each other no matter what you choose, but by focusing on the spiritual connection through meditation, you can reunite in love without all the fighting. Forgiveness is imperative. Forgiveness of each other, and forgiveness of the self, and forgiveness of the past. You are living in the now, the very present moment to make positive changes in life. Removing all energy blocks with forgiveness will help both of you be able to move forward in love.

It is normal to have those feelings of wanting to run away, of wanting to separate. It is normal to feel fear as the twin flame is a divine blessing that is making you look deep within yourself to help you get to the true loving you within, to allow that true loving you to shine throughout this physical realm.

The realm of possibilities is endless if you put in the spiritual work. Remember, that you don’t need your twin flame in order to feel complete. You are complete in every way possible. The twin flame is here to guide you on what you need to work on physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Now is the perfect time to do some inner child work through meditation for everyone with the Holidays just around the corner. Let that inner child release all negative energies holding you back. And remember the magic that exists in this world, as magic is in the air! And this energetic period is going to be filled with magical energy pushing into the new year. Use it wisely.

Remember that you are worthy of love! You deserve love! You are loved! You have a divine purpose to love, as the more you love yourself, the easier it is to love others. Don’t let this world harden your heart or your spirit. Allow that true love to shine through you each and everyday!

Until Next time…



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