I am finding more and more people post on Facebook about dreams they are having, wondering what they mean. I also see that some people don’t dream but want to be able too after hearing about these awesome or crazy dream experiences.

I personally have clairvoyant dreams myself. I have found them to be symbolic of the days, and months to come. However, it is very hard to interpret your own dreams unless you understand what the symbols in your dreams mean. I even have to ask intuitive friends about my dreams sometimes just to receive clarity without the extra emotion behind it.

Clairvoyant dreams normally happen to share insight with you of what might happen next in your life. With me helping other people as well, I sometimes receive confirmation in dreaming about a friend and what is happening in their life. It’s a blessing to know these dreams bring truth to the surface. Truth that comes straight from your subconscious intuitive self.

You can tell which dreams are clairvoyant by realizing they move in a certain pattern. If you can be conscious enough to be aware about what is happening in the dream when you wake up, then now is the time to start thinking about how the dream moves.

Does the dream start at the left side of your head and play out like a movie screen moving to the right side of your head when you wake up? Or does it seem to play out all on the left side of your head? If so, then these dreams are your subconscious intuition giving you insight about upcoming events, and truth! It’s time to pay attention!

Does the dream start at the right side of your head and play out like a movie screen moving to the left side of your head when you wake up? Or does it stay to the right side of your head? If so, then these dreams are your subconscious bringing trauma and emotions into your awareness to let you know it’s time to deal with the situation and face it head on within yourself. This is intuition of your self letting you know exactly what you need to work on from within.

Keep a dream journal. I have heard it is best to write your dreams down shortly after waking up when it is still fresh on your brain. However, I know for some, it can take all day to process what you just experienced and it’s best to sit down during quiet time later in the evening to write down your dreams. Of course, now a days it is much faster to keep a journal in your phone notes, or on a computer. Technology makes life easier now for those ready to focus within on this healing journey. It is OK to utilize it for your own healing, as I know we all hear about too much technology being detrimental to our health, but I am a firm believer that you can utilize everything available for your well being.

To give you an example of dream interpretation, I will use my own. I just recently had a dream of a friend that had just come back into my life, celebrating after a huge show. The party was like an elite Rothschild formal celebration where my wallet was stolen. (If you don’t know the Rothchilds, you should Google it, and see pictures of these elite parties for yourself!)

Crazy dream right? Well this dream moved from left to right, meaning clairvoyance, and upcoming future events. Sure enough, my friend nailed the show and was celebrating right as I was teaching myself how to play a song by The Eagles called “Hotel California” on the piano. I also just found out about a man using children to grab a woman’s attention just so he can steal her wallet or purse. It just happens to be close to home. My dream was dead on, and just letting me know I am on the right path as these things are supposed to happen.

Your dreams have meaning too for your life! If you need help finding out what these dreams mean to you, or in wanting to know how to remember your dreams, please book your reading today! All readings are 24 hours in advance to give me time to prepare. If you would like to video chat, you can add me as a friend on Facebook under Awakening Cleopatra after booking your reading through awakeningcleopatra.com and letting me know you prefer the video chat rather than by phone.

*****readings also include anything else you would like to focus on such as relationships, health, spiritual advice, meditation advice, distance healing, your purpose, honing your gifts, short aura clearings, affirmations, etc….******

Many Blessings Beautiful Souls!!


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