When you are called to the twin flame journey, you start experiencing Kundalini Energy. Kundalini energy is raising the vibrations of your body, mind, and spirit. It starts at the bottom of the spine and rises up through the body through the top of the head. Then it also works it’s way back down to your feet to help you ground to the Earth.

This Kundalini experience is a very STRONG feeling! You feel it! You know it’s there! I am going to be very honest here to let you know if you are wondering whether you are experiencing this or not, or have questions about it. You have not had the experience yet. You need to sit back, focus solely on yourself, and by healing yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically you will get to this experience. However, it is a lot of hard work. Have patience with yourself!

Trust me when I say, you KNOW when this is happening. There are no fears, no doubts, you will feel it STRONGLY!

This Kundalini experience is the beginning of your journey. A starting point for the twin flames. You are whole and complete, even without your twin flame next to you. This energy ensures that you know this. All is within you. There is no longing, no obsession, you KNOW it’s there. You KNOW its lining up and given time, patience, and spiritual focus on healing and love, it will find you!

You know there is no need to obsess over it, as everything is going to fall into place in perfect DIVINE timing. You don’t need your twin flame physically as it is all within you. You know it is something that will happen no matter what. With the right person!!

Figuring out who it is though, that is the question, and can become sheer obsession when you aren’t listening from within, and looking outside yourself to find it. No one knows who your twin is! No one! No psychic out there can tell you if a person is your twin or not based off a name or a reading.

However, someone that has been on this town flame journey, and has had the experience of it can tell you where you are at on the path based off the dreams you are having, the signs you are seeing, etc… Talk to someone who has had the experiences to find the truth.

Also, beware of the false twin flame. It is dark, unnatural, scary, and follows all the same energies and guidelines of the twin flame journey. This person is a soulmate of yours, there is a strong connection between you two. Especially at first!

This person will show up during your kundalini experience!! It is important to be careful of who you share your energy with. As at first it seems like perfect timing and perfection!

You both will be at the same place in your journey, experienced many of the same things in life just like the twin flame!

You will understand each other and complete each others thoughts just like the twin flame!

One is more spiritual, the other has some catching up to do just like the twin flame.

This relationship will mirror the energies of the twin flames. The energies you see people write about at the time will fall right in line with what you are experiencing! You even go through separation periods!

This is why it is important for you, loved ones, to be wary!

Take your TIME! Don’t let your emotions fool you!

Everything seems perfect at first and lines up with what you are feeling and experiencing. However, more time together will give you the warning signs.

One sign is feeling that there is something dark and unnatural that needs to be healed for you two. After all the perfection you feel in being around each other, something comes through to scare you both! But it gives you a false sense that you both need each others help to rid yourselves of whatever is happening! I will say it again! It is dark unnatural.

Kundalini energy within you will stop suddenly. You will feel it. You might think you are getting used to all the energy, however, this is not the case. It stops the kundalini process completely which is what is needed for you and your twin to reunite. Pay attention!! This should not be happening!! All the energy is for you to heal and clear yourself!!

If you continue from this point you will find yourself in chaos. The false twin will mirror you and all negative behaviors come up in both of you. It feels as if a demon has taken you or what seems like your twin. Its toxic! Walk away from each other as you know something is feeding off those energies!

It seems like the devil put you two together!! This is a WARNING SIGN! This is you telling you to run away, which mirrors the twin flame runner/chaser theories!

These theories make you believe it’s your twin flame, so you want to keep going back for more. To better yourself. You feel there is much spiritual work to be done together.

However, this relationship is toxic. Its chaotic. Not what you would expect your twin flame to be like, as you truly know yourself! Well enough to KNOW this is not normal behavior for you!

A lot of times in the false twin relationship, you start to see your differences in personalities. Which then becomes accusations, the other is dark, there is a spiritual battle you have to fight. One is possessed, etc…

These are all false experiences, abuses, as trust and believe something dark and unnatural forced you two together. Utilizing the twin flame experience.

Kundalini energy is key to realizing you are in a phase of healing yourself. Changing all bad traits, taking care of yourself, leveling up spiritually. You are healing during this experience!

I am here to tell you that when you are experiencing Kundalini Energy, then so is your twin. You are on the same frequency! Anything and everything that comes along and stops this experience, is NOT PART OF THE EXPERIENCE! There is more work to do with yourself to return to kundalini, loving healing, strong energies! Before you reach the twin flame!

This is your sign! To keep on the healing path!

I see many talking about their twins doing drugs, but yet they aren’t doing the same. This is empathy, not your twin.

Many talking about their twin out drinking, out cheating. If you aren’t out doing the same, this is empathy, not your twin.

Abuses happening in the relationship from false twins as the Real twin is going to be like you! Your true self! If you have worked hard spiritually and reached the Kundalini Experience, then you have worked hard to train your mind, body, and spirit to be prepared for the loving, healing energy you are bringing in! You are not abusive! Maybe frustrated at times, upset, etc..all is normal for a human!

Take a step back to think? Do you treat people the way you are being treated NOW? With any abuse you should ask yourself this question. More than likely the answer is NO in being a strong empath! You don’t like to hurt anything! Sure, mistakes happen. But it’s not in your nature!

The twin flame experience has truly become dangerous for some in wanting the twin flame experience so badly, you want to believe it is someone that is hurting you! This is NOT the case!

If you are in the false twin relationship, realize that neither of you are bad people. You needed this experience for yourselves to realize truths, to become stronger, to be able to help others. Try to find a peaceful solution, a peaceful way out helping each other! Something that works for both of you!

I know not everything is peaceful and if not, walk away from anything toxic for your safety.

You are strong empaths! You feel others emotions and feelings very deeply. You are good hearted, loving people. The most loving of all!

All love you feel, you feel it strongly and deeply. All of it! It doesn’t matter who it is! All of you need to realize this!

Don’t settle with thinking your twin is someone it is not. You are being down on yourself thinking you deserve such negative behaviors aimed at you! When you worked hard to reach the Kundalini Energy Experience!

Rise up fellow Queens, and Kings! You deserve much better than you are allowing for yourself wanting your twin to be someone its not. You have to do the spiritual work first!

Follow the healing energy of the Kundalini Experience! It is your guide on what feels right, and what feels wrong!

If you haven’t experienced the Kundalini Energy there is more spiritual work with your SELF to be done!

Loving and Respecting yourself FULLY! Is the key which is happening as the Kundalini Energy hits you! You are on your way! It is your sign to focus on you, your whole self, the one you see in the mirror, the body you are inhabiting, YOU!!

Everything outside of YOU, is not you! Focus on you first!

Don’t accept anything toxic! Ride the healing ascension waves! Do what is best for YOU! Your healing! Your Kundalini! Your Experience! Ride the waves of healing energy you are feeling in the right direction!

You deserve love! The Right Love!

Many Blessings!

Cleopatra Love

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