I can feel another wave of spirits hitting awakening waves of energy which is exciting to me. In other words…there are many of you just now awakening to the true loving spiritual you.

These waves of energy are here to help you and guide you. I know at first it feels like you are going insane with all these new racing thoughts going through your head. You are feeling a strong healing energy radiate through you. Trust in the journey as you chose to awaken at this time.

You won’t feel insane forever! But for now, it’s important to have alone time. Time for you to process these waves of energy, and your thoughts.

You will learn to meditate and quickly in needing to process these thoughts. All answers will come to you and start flowing through you. Meditation is a form of quiet breathing exercises, and as I well know with awakening energies, you are going to have to learn how to breathe through it.

You might feel heavy anxiety at times. It’s good to take a few moments to process the feelings you are receiving during these times of anxiety. A lot of times this is your spirit giving you information and guidance with what you need to focus on for your own healing.

You will receive truths. Truths about Earth, Earth Energy, and how this affects your life.

All is going to begin changing your life for the better! You will want to retreat from the world for a while and focus on your health and well being since you feel more tired than normal. Some experience aches and pains as the waves of healing energy flow through the body. Others experience tingling sensations.

Pay attention to your dreams and try to remember them if you can. It’s best to write them down if you do remember, so you can refer back to them. All is insight and intuition meant for your life and what you need to focus on.

Pay attention to signs and synchronicities in your life. You will start seeing numbers such as 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, etc…these are all letting you know you are on the right path.

You will awaken to your gifts whether it is empathy, clairvoyance, art, energetic healing, dreams, etc… you are awakening the true spiritual self which has been there all along, but finally making it’s way to the surface!

Welcome beautiful souls going through this new experience!! You are blessed to be able to experience one amazing part of your journey!

This part will require some inner self work!

Give it time as you evolve to becoming fully healed from all suffering and traumas!

Know that as you ascend these waves of strong energy are to heal you. It’s only temporary! You will become used to the energy in time!

Many blessings beautiful souls!


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