Ascension Energy is definitely happening as we speak. I have noticed the Energy comes in super strong this time of year every year!

Be prepared for:

Hearing ringing in your ears!
Yes, this can be considered tinnitus or due to health issues, however ascension energy has the same effect. The difference is you feel the energy more in the top of your head at the crown chakra, as the vibrations are raising your awareness to your gifts, and healing energy.

Feeling a stronger connection to Mother Earth and The Universe!
You will naturally want to spend more time outside, or in nature. This connection is a strong magnetic pull in your consciousness, and in your heart chakra telling you to stay connected to your Earth and all her creatures.

Feeling the Love!
This energy radiates within your heart chakra once ascension energy hits. Do not tune this out. You want to keep this energy close to your heart as it is naturally healing your mind, body, and spirit. Your mind/heart connection is being reestablished and fully healed at this time! Embrace this energy! You NEED this energy during ascension!

Feeling anxiety and anger at times!
You are awakening. Not everyone around you is on the same frequency, yet. You feel the ascension energy, but not everyone around you is feeling the same, yet. It might make you a bit anxious and sometimes angry in dealing with people that are still in a different frequency. Understanding this is important in being able to kindly deal with others. It’s not easy! This is to help you learn more self control and understand different energy frequencies in people around you. Just keep doing you! Have patience with yourself and others.

Feeling body aches and lack of sleep!
We are all told sleep is very important to our bodies and to an extent, I agree. However, when ascension energy hits you it becomes much harder to fall asleep. The energy radiating around you is so strong it sometimes feels the energy is keeping you awake. Try not to fret so much about sleeping. Twenty minutes of meditation can equate to a few hours of sleep. Try to meditate during these strong waves of energy. The ascension energy is teaching you how. Let your body relax, let the energy flow, and know that being in deep meditation is just as good as sleeping regularly. Relaxing your muscles will help with the body aches. Deep breathing will help to relax your muscles and relieve tension. Meditation is very important during these high energy times when you feel you can not sleep. It is all for a healing purpose and your body will thank you for going with the flow of the healing energies.

Experiencing more dreams!
You will start remembering your dreams. Dreams are important to your spiritual health and well being. You will receive insight in these dreams. Insight for your own healing of what emotions and traumas need to be dealt with and released. Insight on your purpose. Sometimes you might even receive what is going to happen next!

Racing Thoughts!
Sometimes with all the high energies you start having racing thoughts as your body tries to process all the healing energy. It’s good to tell your mind to calm down, slow down, and even to deal with thoughts later if they are too much for you at the time. Deep breathing exercises will help you work through this, but talking to your mind to learn to control these racing thoughts is better! Don’t be afraid to tell your ego to stop! And your intuition to take over!

Yes, ascension energy can be too much sometimes and cause headaches. Especially from working throughout the day and being around others on different frequencies. It can be too much to process as you are becoming more sensitive and empathic to everything around you! Take care of you! Essential oils and diffusers can aid headaches. Epsom Salt Baths can aid body aches! Self care is important during your awakening!

As ascension energy hits, it is time to learn to say No to anything trying to bring you down, hold you back, or getting in your way of healing. Set your boundaries. Self care is more important during your awakening experience! It is time to focus on you! All of you! Inside and out!

Eating Healthy Foods!
You will be drawn to healthier foods during this time. Your body is going to crave different foods than what you are used too. Trust in your body and what your body is telling you it needs. Try to eat as clean as possible. Organic foods are best! Ascension energy is guiding you to what you need for your own healing. It is ok to do some research for your diet now too! It is only going to help you and your body will thank you later!

Trust in this journey! It is your healing journey! Your beautiful experience! All change from within is necessary for you at this time! You are awakening to the true spiritual you! The you that has always been there deep down, but now is coming to the surface! Be yourself! You are strong, bold, and beautiful! You have a purpose!

But for now, healing yourself is required in your journey! Stay focused, as all your efforts will pay off when you survive this ascension period!

Stay grounded! Hold onto the High Vibrational Frequencies you are feeling as you are the change this world needs! Your healing journey radiates healing energy for miles across this Earth creating positive changes around you!

You are fully supported and loved in this journey! Now is the time to fully love yourself! Allow the love for yourself to happen, and everything else around you will fall into place!

Many Blessings Beautiful Souls!


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