Why does the twin flame relationship seem so toxic?

I have seen many posts, videos, and comments of people speaking of the toxicity behind the twin flame relationship. And there are times where fights between the twin flames do happen due to negative emotions and lower energetic vibrations.

See, when you are feeling anything negative such as anger, sadness, or having trauma come to the surface (trauma normally comes to the surface during Mercury Retrogrades, and some full moon phases), then you have to realize that your twin flame is feeling the very same emotions. Feeling these negative emotions at the same time can create the negative energy between the twin flames in the physical. This causes the fight or flight mode to happen between the two until all negative emotions are dealt with.

To most people surrounding the twin flames, friends and family, this seems like a toxic relationship. Your friends and family will tell you to let go, to run away, etc…

However, it is not toxic. Some fights are actually healthy if you handle them correctly.

Trusting your intuition is very important when it comes to this type of relationship as it is very different from the soulmate type of relationships you have already experienced.

The twin flame is the true mirror image of yourself. And when you are feeling down or negatively, again, so is your twin flame. It is important to be honest with yourself about what you are feeling. As trying to force anything to happen in the physical is not going to work. Know this!! You can try to talk all day long, but until these negative emotions or trauma is dealt with within you. Talks will end up becoming fights which causes more hurt and upset for both of you. It also causes everyone around you to think this is a toxic relationship and it’s time to run.

If you are experiencing that feeling of wanting to run away, then that is your cue as the twin flame to take the space and time you need to meditate and focus within. Its time to focus on these negative emotions and feelings of trauma to make peace within yourself. It is time to find the self care you need to let these negative feelings go, and to heal from whatever you are feeling.

It is meant for twin flames to get that mirror image from each other in order to face parts of yourself you are not liking in order to change for the better. To become the true loving you.

Forgiveness is important for the twin flames. Forgiveness of the self, of others, and of every bad situation that has ever happened too you. Forgiveness of all past relationships.

This forgiveness and clearing of the negative emotions from the past has to happen first in order to remove those negative energy blocks creating the fights between you two. As if you try to force physical communication it’s only going to create more issues. You don’t want to create more issues, you ultimately want peace.

Knowing the dynamics of the twin flame relationship is the best way to find peace in order for the relationship to work.

Knowing that the twin flame relationship is not all peace and rainbows from the start is key.

Sure, at first you feel that magnetic connection. That energetic pull towards each other that is pulling you to reunite! It feels perfect, like you are exactly where you need to be! It’s a blessing and you can feel it first hand.

Know, that it may feel perfect in the beginning, but it is going to take a lot of hard spiritual work in order for you two to make this happen.

Recognizing when you are feeling lower vibrations and negative emotions is the first step to knowing when it’s time to separate and work on yourself. As once you find that peace within is when you will be able to communicate peacefully in the physical aspect of the relationship.

Recognizing that the relationship is the very true mirror image of yourself is important. Knowing you both experience and feel the same emotions at the same time is important, as you can avoid creating more issues for yourself and your twin flame by recognizing the intuition of when you need to spend time together, and when you need to sit back and put in the spiritual work!

And if you have any questions at all please book your reading today as I am here to help bring you back to that peace you are searching for on your path. So you can be the empowered Queen or King of your life!

Many blessings!


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